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Norway – 2014 – DCP 2k – color – 75’


Direction: Hisham Zaman
Screenplay: Hisham Zaman, Mehmet Aktas
Cinematography: Marius Matzow Gulbrandsen
Editing: Sverrir Kristjansson, Inger Lise Langfeldt, Arild Tryggestad
Set design: Aasmund Stemme
Music: David Reyes
Costumes: Bente Ulvik
Cast: Alibag Salimi, Ivan Anderson, Nazmi Kirik, Hassan Demirci, Zheer Ahmed Qader, Amin Senatorzade, Raouf Saraj, Derin Kader, Aysha Gul Taghanah, Catherine Elisabeth Howells, Bodil Osvold, Kenan Özcar, Iselin D. Brandt Bestvold,  Ilker Abay
Producers: Alan R. Milligan, Hisham Zaman
Production: Film Farms



Letter to the King portrays five peoples meeting with Norway outside the refugee camp. They are given permission to leave the snowy no mans land and travel to Oslo, a welcome change in an otherwise monotenous life. But we soon realise that all of them have a purpose with this trip.
All five will be confronted by their destinies as they discover happinness, suffer humiliation, find love and seek revenge.
The five stories are bound together by a letter, written by eighty-three year old Mirza. Mirza wants to personally hand the letter to the King of Norway.




Graduated from The Norwegian Film School at Lillehammer in 2004. His short film The Bridge (2003), made in collaboration with fellow students and financed privately, won The Norwegian Playwright’s Association’s Award for Best Screenplay at the Norwegian Short FF 2003, and his diploma film The Roof (2004) was invited to, and screened at, several international film festivals. Arguably his breakthrough film, Bawke (2005) became a hit on the international festival circuit, and has received more than 40 national and international awards. In 2007 he directed another noteworthy short film; the comedic drama Winterland (2007), a warm and humorous diaspora-story about a Kurdish refugee. In 2013 Hisham Zaman is releasing his debut feature film Before Snowfall.



“The film is a fiction that is inspired by reality and authentic elements. I wrote the screenplay with Mehmet Aktaş, a Kurd from Turkey who lives in Berlin. I furthermore chose amateur actors from whom I borrowed a lot, such as phrasing and clothing, to emphasize the truthfulness. I had worked with most of them before. (…) there are dramatic moments, sometimes a great tension between the characters, because they are very different: the youngest is 15 years old, the oldest 83. The severity, or tenacity rather, of my characters comes from their motivations. Some of them accept their lives as they are, others would rather fight adversity. Come what may. But lightness and humour are also present in my film: they are often born from the absurdity of the situations. There is tenderness too. I would like to bring the spectator to think about our behaviour (…).”



2003 Broen (The Bridge)
2005 Bawke (Bawke)
2007 Vinterland (Winterland)
2009 De andre (The Other Ones)
2013 Før snøen faller (Before Snowfall)
2014 Brev til Kongen (Letter to the King)



2014 Göteborg IFF: Dragon Award  to the Best Nordic Film
2014 Tromsø IFF