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Andalusian Pretext


Italia – 2012 – 35mm – colore – 8’


Direction: Letizia Lamartire

Freely adapted from Blood Wedding by Federico García Lorca

Inspired from the theatre performance Pretexto andaluz by Rocco Rocco Capri Chiumarulo

Photography: Diego Magrone

Editing: Lamì

Voices: Arnoldo Foà, Rocco Capri Chiumarulo, Anna Garofalo, Federica Garofalo

Cast: Antonio Boezio, Maria Stella Cassano, Justy De Venuto, Giacomo Dimase, Roberto Fatiguso, Teresa Vallarella, William Volpicella, Federica Garofalo, Riccardo Dimase, Daniela Falagario, Nicola Napoletano, Stefano Siciliano

Production: Terrae, Unika Produzione



The most painful among the tragedies of the “poet coming from the Alhambra” returned from a sequence of flashback which are rooted in the countryside of a magic and bewitched Southern Italy.

The geometry of the cones and dry stone walls is the pretext that tells a destiny of blood, fatally decided by supernatural forces that rule the universe of Federico. The same that, from the writing of Lorca, will emerge powerful to give voice to the film: the woodcutters, the beggar, the moon, the little girl…

Everything, the wedding day. In Puglia, as in Andalucía. Perhaps, at five in the evening.