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Portugal – 2013 – DCP – color – 80’


Direction: Inês Oliveira
Screenplay: Rita Benis, Inês Oliveira
Cinematography: Daniel Neves

Editing: Rui Mourão, Patrícia Saramago, Inês Oliveira
Set design: Maria José Branco, Nuno Gabriel Melo
Costumes: Margarida Morins
Cast: Paula Garcia, Aissato Indjal, Luana Quadé, Bia Gomes, Ângelo Torres, Maria João Luís, Ricardo Aibéo
Producers: Fernando Vendrell, Luís Alvarães
Production: David & Golias



Sofia lives alone in the dusty old Lisbon apartment where she grew up. She never goes out but to work and back. And no one ever visits – until Mariama arrives on her doorstep from Guinea-Bissau. Sofia’s mother has sent her to help take care of the house, Sofia and her son. But except for Sofia the house seems deserted. When Mariama’s young sister Bobô arrives, she begins to draw Sofia out of her shell. Meanwhile, behind her resolute smile, Mariama lives in fear of her grandmother, who sees it as her duty to take Bobô through an ancient rite of passage. Each in her own way, Sofia and Mariama come to move in league as they confront their demons.




Born in Lisbon, 1976. Studied Fine Arts and Cinema. Her first film as a director was the short Names and Numbers (2003), Best Short Film award winner at Vila do Conde FF (Portugal), Nouveaux Cinema et Nouveaux Medias (Montreal), Santa Maria da Feira FF (Portugal) and Festival Premiers Plans (France). Her second film was the documentary Eating Your Heart Out – the Work of Rui Chafes and Vera Mantero (2005), premiered at several festivals such as DocLisboa, Vila do Conde and Centre Pompidou´s Videodanse. In 2008 she directed her first feature Cinerama, produced by Paulo Branco. The film was shown in festivals such as São Paulo and Premiers Plans, before being released commercially in 2010. Bobô (2013), produced by Fernando Vendrell, is Inês Oliveira ‘s second feature film.



“Two women meet, Sofia and Mariama, and from their mutual desire to protect a child the film unveils its story. Sofia is a person still troubled by the memories of her childhood and the responsibilities of her ‘inheritance’. She dutifully does what is expected of her till the moment she is forced to resist and save the young Bobô from female genital mutilation (FGM). The actors Paula Garcia and newcomer Aissato Indjal, informed by their own experiences and beliefs, did much to bring their own characters to life. Together we read texts, rehearsed and spent time researching among the Guinean community here. By the time cameras began rolling, we were confident enough to begin improvising. Bobô is without doubt a film from a strong female perspective, but I also think it tackles universal questions about our mortality, and the way external forces out of our control can threaten our very survival.”



2003 O Nome e o N.I.M. (Names and Numbers, short)
2005 Eating Your Heart Out – the Work of Rui Chafes and Vera Mantero (doc)
2008 Cinerama
2013 Bobô



2013 Toronto IFF – Discovery Programme
2013 IndieLisboa – Official Selection