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Let’s Discuss

(Fifth episode from Love and Anger)


Italia , Francia – 1969 – 35mm – color – 24’


Direction: Marco Bellocchio

Screenplay: Marco Bellocchio, Elda Tattoli

Photography: Aiace Parolin

Editing: Marco Bellocchio, Elda Tattoli

Set design: Mimmo Scavia

Cast: Marco Bellocchio, Sergio Elia, Roberto Marigliano, Dino Audino, Ivo Micheli, Daniele Marfori, Michele Santoro, Patrizia Cavalli, Ilda Bartoloni, Mimmo Raffaele, Gianloreto Carbone, Marco Visalberghi, Claudia Mancina, Stefania Jaconis, Silvana Mazzocchi, Enzo Tarquini

Producers: Marco Bellocchio, Elda Tattoli, Carlo Lizzani

Production: Castoro Film, Anouchka Film



Into a university classroom irrupts a brigade of protesting students who interrupts the lesson upon Benedetto Croce, among the protests of the other students, those bourgeois who want to continue the teaching activity. The professor tries to ease the tension, by encouraging all to discuss…



(…) In front of a camera even anonymously, the students give free rein to the vivacity nature to spectacle of the Sixty-eight movement. As an ethnographer, Bellocchio therefore, doesn’t film the Sixty-eight movement, but the show of this movement, which is double. The sixty-eight movement, in fact, spectacles twice: in the outward manifestations as a prank, masking and desecration, and as a sacred representation capable of reproducing, from within the community itself, the rite of the foundation and mutation. Faced with such a nature (…) the author stays silent, acts as an ethnographer and retreats. An ethnographer who, under his imposing beard and without excessive pathos, still knows how to laugh”. (Flavio De Bernardinis, Marco Bellocchio, Il cinema e i film)