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Sivia Godelli, Assessor to Mediterranean, Culture and Tourism of Apulia Regional Administration


The European Film Festival, arrived at the fifteenth edition, highlights the singularities of the continental cultures, presenting productions characterized by the highest cultural contents on the European scenario throughout the 2013-2014; as well as it becomes, for the loyal audience, a territory for re-appropriation of fundamental authors within the continental film world, with tributes to Marco Bellocchio and Danis Tanović, by celebrating extraordinary and inventive visuals, with tribute to Mario Bava, and by experimenting intense moments of evocation of figures of excellence, with memories of Pasolini and Foà.

The passion and expertise of the festival organizers, recognized on the national and international level, allow the cinema to expand its vision beyond the usual itineraries in order to embrace, through all the other appointments to be held during the Salentinian event, the most diversified realities of our society, in which culture can be a driving force towards a more clear future. In particular, I would like to point out, in that regard, the European commitment in favor of the “media literacy”, which is a key step of our times.

The European Film Festival, as particularly important example within the network of Film Festivals, becomes now one of the pillars capable of creating the candidature of our beautiful Barocco city as European Capital of Culture in 2019.


Have a great Festival!




 Antonio Gabellone, Chairman of the Province of Lecce


This year as well one of the events that better than others has given sense and realism to the not only geographically image of this Salento, which is surrounded by the Mediterranean in its flavors, its colors, and in its ancient cultural tradition.
The European Film Festival is for this reason a great opportunity for the city of Lecce that is pursuing the title of European Capital of Culture 2019, but for the whole Salento as well, which is competing with its capital city in this prestigious purpose.
We can henceforth speak that the Festival is a strong certainty, which at the 15th edition shows that he has already overcome his challenge, that of the continuity.
It is instead the quality of its own cultural history that ensures artistically its long and fruitful life. It is a gained challenge of the whole Salento, if the policy will be able to continue to meet the challenges that the culture is bringing into being.

Great Festival to everyone!




Paolo Perrone, Mayor of Lecce


Once again a target for an organizational machine that, over recent years, has affected positively the cultural and film activity of Lecce; a further step for our city that attracts on its own, every spring, the attention of the experts and lovers of the cinema throughout Italy.

The Festival, always faithful to its well-established approach, is now enriched with numerous side events that will make even more interesting the proposal of the fifteenth edition.

As an undisputed representative of the cultural ferment and vitality which characterize our land, the European Film Festival highlights the city of Lecce, the Salento and its peculiarities.

It contributes towards launching its own talents and turns our territory, for one week, into a national stage for the Italian and international cinematography. It seems only right to me to express my sincere thanks, therefore, to all those who have worked so hard to come to celebrate this fifteenth birthday, by keeping the values and the assumptions alive with which this adventure has started.

We are ready to live the emotions that the nominated films will arouse in us as viewers, but above all our city is ready: we will welcome personalities of national and international profile who will bring here their professional experience and, we hope, they will enjoy the beauties of our landscape and the culinary delights that many people around the world envy us.


I wish the very best of luck to the Film Festival and to those who, in all parts and roles, worked on this project.