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Born in Piacenza in 1939 and grown in Bobbio, he attended religious schools, devoting himself on painting as well (he will use some of his work in My mother’s Smile). In 1959 he entered the Experimental film Center in Rome. Here he came in contact with some of his future collaborators, such as Sandro Franchina, Silvano Agosti, Enzo Doria, Alberto Maramma, Giuseppe Lanci and Giantito Burchiellaro, and shot the shorts The guilt and punishment/ La colpa e la pena (1961) and Juniper made man/ Ginepro fatto uomo ( 1962). After graduating in 1962, he moved to London, where he enrolled at the Slide School of Fine Arts, graduating with a thesis concerning the work carried out with the actors of Antonioni and Bresson, and he wrote the script of Fists in the Pocket (1965). His debut film won the Silver Sail at the Film Festival Locarno and drew the attention of international critics. This film becomes a symbol for a youth that wants to rebel against the hypocrisy and the conformism of the family’s order. Two years later he directed the political comedy China Is Near, which won, in 1968 at Venice, the Grand Jury Prize. He joined the extra parliamentary students groups of the Left of UCI, directing for this reason the documentaries The Calabrian People Have Raised Their Heads Again/Il popolo calabrese ha rialzato la testa (1969) and Long Live the Red and Proletariat May 1 /Viva il 1° maggio rosso e proletario (1969). In the seventies he turned his eye to rebellion without moving far from the family that remains his favorite target, by peering other institutions to denounce violence, abuse and injustices: a Catholic college (In the Name of the Father, 1972), an insane asylum (Fit to Be Untied – Anyone and Everyone, 1975) and the military live (Victory March, 1976). Leap in the Dark (1979), in competition at Cannes, allows both protagonists, Michel Piccoli and Anouk Aimée, to win the Palm for their performance and allows him to win the David di Donatello Award. In 1982 he once again dealt with the issue of familial relations to tell the private tragedy private in The Eyes, The Mouth, with Lou Castel as the protagonist. This film was followed in 1984 for the Rai, by a review of the play by Pirandello Henry IV, with Marcello Mastroianni in the role of the “crazy” and Claudia Cardinal in that of Matilda. A much more liberating interpretation is that for Devil in the Flesh (1986) adapted from the novel by Raymond Radyguet and presented at Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes: a great scandal and a worldwide success. It is with this movie that he started a “collaboration” with the psychiatrist Massimo Fagioli that involved him in: The vision of the Sabbath (1988); The conviction (1991), which was written with the same psychiatrist and presented at the Berlinale, and won the Silver Bear; The Dream of the Butterfly (1994), based on the script and screenplay of Fagioli. In 1996 he directed The Prince of Homburg (1997) by Heinrich von Kleist, in competition at Cannes. In 1997, he started holding a summer working group in Bobbio, called Fare Cinema; an experience, this, that produced several short films “shot at home”, some of which have been the basis of the making of Sorelle Mai (2010), a film free of the production schemes, which presented, out of competition, at Venice, has attracted the attention of critics. Again from a novel by Pirandello, The Nanny (1999), in competition at Cannes, with Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Maya Sansa, who gained the international attention. He was again in competition at Cannes in 2002 for the Croisette jury Prize with the original and highly successful representation on the false Italian religiosity My Mother’s Smile, awarded by the Ecumenical Jury , which allowed Sergio Castellitto to win the European Film Award and Piera Degli Esposti to win the David Award. Later he returned to Venice, where he started working with Maya Sansa, to a personal tribute to Aldo Moro (Roberto Herlitzka) Good Morning, Night (2003), which won, among the others, the Osella Award for Best Screenpaly at Venice and the FIPRESCI prize at the European Film Awards. The Wedding Director (2006), with Sergio Catellitto, was at Cannes in the Un Certain Regard section and won the Silver Ribbons for Best Script and Film Editing. Vincere (2009), a melodrama based on the story of the first wife of the dictator Mussolini with Giovanna Mezzogiorno and Filippo Timi, in competition at Cannes, which received, among the others, four Silver Ribbons and as many as eight David di Donatello Awards, including the Award for Best Direction. In 2011 he was the recipient of the Golden Lion Career Award. The following year he was once again at Venice with Dormant Beauty (2012), a portrait of the Italian society around the Englaro case, in which we has made use of a magnificent ensemble cast.

Appointed as Chairman of the Cineteca of Bologna, Bellocchio is currently the protagonist and honored with special tributes at the MoMA of New York and at the XV European Film Festival of Lecce.

Appointed as Chairman of the Cineteca of Bologna, Bellocchio is currently the protagonist and honored with special tributes at the MoMA of New York and at the XV European Film Festival of Lecce.


China is near

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1967 – 35mm – b/n - 95’

The Gordini Malvezzi family, heiress, for a noble lineage, of huge estates, is made up of Vittorio, a secondary school professor,...

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Dormant beauty

Marco Bellocchio Italia , Francia - 2012 – 35mm – color - 110’

Everything takes place in different Italian locations during six days, the last in the life of Eluana Englaro. There are many...

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Fists in the Pocket

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1965 – 35mm – b/n - 107’

In a decadent villa setting in the mountain area of Piacenza lives a bourgeois family whose direction is entrusted, rather than...

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Fit To Be Untied

Marco Bellocchio, Silvano Agosti, Stefano Rulli, Sandro Petraglia Italia - 1975 – 16mm – color and b&n - 140’

Years ago, the psychiatrist Franco Basaglia, determined a specific objective to be pursued in the treatment of mental illnesses and maladjustment:...

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Good Morning, Night

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 2003 – 35mm – color - 110’

Chiara is a young terrorist belonging to the Red Brigade and involved in the kidnapping of Aldo Moro. Through her vision,...

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Henry IV

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1984 – 35mm – color - 85’

During a festive and masked horse ride, a young man suffers a serious fall caused by the Baron Belcredi, his rival...

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In the name of the Father

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1971 – 35mm – color – 105’

The loud sequence of a penitential singing and images of the environment place the story in a luxury boarding school, school...

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Juniper Made Man

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1962 – 35mm – b&n - 43’

Juniper, is a leader of the Left student movement at the University La Sapienza, in his entourage are included, in addition...

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Leap in the Dark

Marco Bellocchio Italia, Francia - 1980 – 35mm – color – 120’

Marta Ponticelli acted like a mother and a sister to her brother Mauro and now, being afraid of her old age...

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Let’s Discuss (Fifth episode from Love and Anger)

Marco Bellocchio Italia , Francia - 1969 – 35mm – color - 24’

Into a university classroom irrupts a brigade of protesting students who interrupts the lesson upon Benedetto Croce, among the protests of...

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Long Live the Red and Proletariat May 1

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1969 – 16mm – b&n and color - 26’

A short documentary realized on the counter-demonstrations that were organized by the Union of the Italian Communists in Milan and Rome...

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My mother’s smile

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 2002– 35mm – color - 103’

A grown man living in the center of Rome, one day finds out that his all family has organized the beatification...

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Marco Bellocchio Italia - 2010 – 35mm – color - 105’

Elena lives with her aunts in Bobbio because her mother is an actress and is forced to continually move. But the...

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The Butterfly’s Dream

Marco Bellocchio Italia, Svizzera, Francia - 1994 – 35mm – color – 100’

Massimo, at the age of fourteen, decides to cease speaking in order to give the usual language up. He speaks only...

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The Calabrian People Have Raised Their Heads Again

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1969 – 16mm – b&n - 60’

A documentary realized in Calabria, in the town of Paola, on the struggles for the occupation of social housing. Produced by...

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The conviction

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1990 – 35mm – color - 92’

Sandra becomes trapped inside a museum after closing time, and finds between statues and paintings, the architect Colaianni, who is intend...

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The Devil in the Flesh

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1986 – 35mm – color - 115’

A crazy woman of color wandering on one of the rooftop of Rome, trying to commit suicide, draws on the one...

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The Guilt And Punishment

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1961 – 35mm – b&n - 12'

A young man is waiting outside of the building for the group's arrival, stroking a kitten. When some cars arrived, got...

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The Nanny

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1999 – 35mm – color - 106’

Rome, at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. The successful Dr. Ennio Mori, who deals with mental diseases, and his wife...

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The Prince of Homburg

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1997 – 35mm – color - 89’

The Prince of Homburg disobeys the received orders and leads early his cavalry charge in battle. Despite the achieved victory, he’s...

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The Seagull

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1977 – 35mm – color - 132’

Konstantin, a young writer who lives in the countryside, is unable to satisfy his artistic ambitions and to win the love...

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The Vision of the Sabbath

Marco Bellocchio Italia - 1987 – 35mm – color - 105’

David, is a young psychiatrist, and as an expert shall analyze Maddalena, a young hysterical girl, who’s on trial for murdering...

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The wedding director

Marco Bellocchio Italia, Francia - 2006 – 35mm – color - 107’

A director, Franco Elica, goes into crisis by the fact that his daughter has married a fervent catholic and by the...

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Victory March

Marco Bellocchio Italia, Francia, Germania - 1976 – 35mm – color – 125’

The soldier Paolo Passeri, with aLetters degree, in spite of the several applications sent to enter the Academy Officers, is forced...

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Marco Bellocchio Italia, Francia - 2009 – 35mm – color - 128’

Benito Mussolini is the director of the Avanti! when he meets Ida Dalser in Milan. Anti-monarchist and anti-clerical, Mussolini is an...

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