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Juniper Made Man


Italia – 1962 – 35mm – b&n – 43’


Direction: Marco Bellocchio

Screenplay: Marco Bellocchio

Photography: Ettore De Tomasi

Set design: Giantito Burchiellaro

Cast: Kerstin Wartel, Stefano Satta Flores, Paolo Graziosi, Ettore Toscano, Francesco Crescimone

Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia



Juniper, is a leader of the Left student movement at the University La Sapienza, in his entourage are included, in addition to Gabriella, his girlfriend, Igor, his right hand, and Bandini, an introvert young who always goes around with his amateur camera. This latter, by shooting him in secret, aims to take him away his girlfriend and destroy his figure.



“(…) This essay on directing for the second year of the course is already a fully-fledged art film. The medium-length film further presents itself as a real development of the previous The guilt and punishment. (…) It is clear that after Juniper Made Man Bellocchio puts all his cards on the table. The film itself, appears to say to us, is a weapon, the stronger weapon of a hidden and indescribable reality behind the semblance of reality. If it wants, also the camera doesn’t speak, but behaves like and wounds, acts and communicates in total opposition with his actions, better than with his words, just as a human being, by drawing through visual expressions on a “painful disturbance, stronger than any moderating request of will”, “on fluctuations and reasons from a deep zone, not possible to expiate, of hidden truths”, “on an agony without confessions”. (…)” (Luca Mazzei, Marco Bellocchio, Il cinema e i film)



Final essay of the film direction course at the Italian National film school