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HAI MISH EISHI  / This is not Living


Palestina – 2001 – DVD – color – 42’


Direction: Alia Arasougly

Cinematography: Magdi Banuora

Editing: Tareq Eid

Sound: Iyyad Asi

Music: Said Murad

Producer: Alia Arasougly



In order to explore the themes of peace and war, with great courage and risking her live, the filmmaker interviewed some Palestinian women, ordinary women, who live in an extraordinary time. These are portraits of eight women who seek to live in spite of the war. They tell of how they perceive themselves in the midst of war and the war itself. They talk about how they try to face fear and death, by giving their lives shapes and content. And this in spite of the fact that at any times a missile could strike their houses. In this dramatic situation they feel they are losing their own identity, their sense of direction, the desire of living, in a dismembered homeland with decimated families.



Alia Arasougly is a sociologist of culture, a film theorist, a producer and a director. She has worked as a Media Consultant for the United Nations Development Programme in Palestine.

Hai Mish Eishi (This is not living) was presented in its world premiere at the International Women’s Film Festival in Turin. Currently she is the director of the Shashat Women’s Film Festival in Palestine.



2001  International Women’s FF, Turin