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The Calabrian People Have Raised Their Heads Again


Italia – 1969 – 16mm – b&n – 60’


Direction: Marco Bellocchio

Photography: Dimitri Nicolau, Ivan Stoinov

Production: Servire il popolo



A documentary realized in Calabria, in the town of Paola, on the struggles for the occupation of social housing. Produced by the Italian Marxist-Leninist association. A description of the fight actions and a series of interviews that offer an insight into the south urban society. Among the participants at the final meeting of the election campaign there is Aldo Brandirali, a leader of the Union of the Italian Communists (Marxist- Leninist).



“In this film, the political awareness of workers and peasants is built mainly in editing, rather than on social dejection and desperate fatalism – aspects that are considered decadent – it was intended “to give an idea about the exploited and suffering people, but active, optimistic and revolutionary. All the defeatists talk were mutilated – as Bellocchio notes – for example by keeping those fragments in which the interviewee was hurling himself against politicians, political parties, parliamentarians, in which he expressed an active hate against its exploiters”. (Marco Bertozzi, Storia del documentario italiano)