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The conviction


Italia – 1990 – 35mm – color – 92’


Direction: Marco Bellocchio

Screenplay: Massimo Fagioli, Marco Bellocchio

Photography: Giuseppe Lanci

Editing: Mirco Garrone

Set design: Giantito Burchiellaro

Music: Carlo Crivelli

Costumes: Stefania Benelli

Cast: Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Andrzej Seweryn, Claire Nebout, Grazyna Szapolowska, Paolo Graziosi, Maria Schneider, Claudio Emeri

Producer: Pietro Valsecchi

Production: Cineuropa 92, Istituto Luce, Banfilm



Sandra becomes trapped inside a museum after closing time, and finds between statues and paintings, the architect Colaianni, who is intend to guide her and then to rape her. Subsequently, the girl denounces him for rape. In the courtroom, Colaianni rejects the accusation: according to him, Sandra experiences an orgasm in a state of almost total unconsciousness and this kind of pleasure makes the sexual relationship beautiful and desirable. Sandra during the statement of facts, admits that the seduction was consciousness and consensual, and that she has derived pleasure from the encounter. The prosecutor Malatesta, finally sentenced the rapist to two years in prison (too short time, according to his superior), however the judge’s position and family is put into crisis…



“(…) the narrative assembly lapse, moving from the castle to the courtroom, involves something more than a simple narrative spatio-temporal movement. It produces a dimensional shift: from the unconsciousness to the conscious, from a scene to a detailed view, from the sacred to the profane aspect, from myth to reality, from poetry to prose. Bellocchio gives up the idea of a free and abnormal unconscious and deals with the suffering conscience in the everyday life which, regulated by social norms, becomes deadly and devitalizing. (…)” (Stefania Parigi, Marco Bellocchio, Il cinema e i film)



1991 Berlinale – Competition: Special Jury Prize

1991 Golden Globes, Italia: Best Film