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The Vision of the Sabbath


Italia – 1987 – 35mm – color – 105’


Direction: Marco Bellocchio

Screenplay: Marco Bellocchio, Francesca Pirani

Photography: Giuseppe Lanci

Editing: Mirco Garrone

Set design: Giantito Burchiellaro

Music: Carlo Crivelli

Costumes: Silvana Fusacchia

Cast: Daniel Ezralow, Béatrice Dalle, Corinne Touzet, Jacques Weber, Omero Antonutti, Raffaella Rossellini, Roberta Lena, Renata Leoni, Stefano Abbati

Producers: Achille Manzotti

Production: Gruppo Bema, Reteitalia, Cinemax



David, is a young psychiatrist, and as an expert shall analyze Maddalena, a young hysterical girl, who’s on trial for murdering a hunter. She claims she was born in 1630 and that she’s a witch. At that time she was accused of acting on behalf of the devil. Maddalena wants to be raped because she doesn’t’ want to be a virgin anymore. Finally, she is tortured, condemned, and burned alive by the inquisitors and torturers. Maddalena is strongly charming and her beauty completely overwhelmed the psychiatric…



“(…) Maddalena (…) isn’t the reincarnation of a symbolic figure coming from dark ages that shakes up our minds and evaluates the today repressions. The witch is an image that reflects an experience, a body that deals with resistances and analysis of various academics. (…) The psychiatric is bewitched and overcome by her strong sensuality, by a personality that he can’t hold back. There are “inexplicable” passages, between reality and unreal events of the woman’s past, but characters don’t change. Now as then, the eccentricity is punished by law and irrationality shakes up the depths of humans.” (Angelo Signorelli, Cineforum n. 273)