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Slovak Republic, Czech Republic – 2013 – DCP – color – 78’


Direction: Juraj Lehotský
Screenplay: Juraj Lehotský, Marek Leščák
Cinematography: Noro Hudec, ASK
Editing: Marek Šulík
Set design: Juraj Fábry
Music: Martin Burlas
Costumes: Erika Gadus
Cast: Michaela Bendulová, Robert Roth, Venuša Kalejová, Lenka Habrunová, Kika Potočná, Žaneta Polhošová, Sandra Radičová, Dominika Kmeťová, Katarína Feldeková, Peter Slivovský, Ľudovít Kállay, Zuzana Struhárová
Producers: Marko Škop, Ján Meliš, Petr Oukropec, Pavel Strnad
Production: Artileria , Negativ, Česká televize



The girls are fourteen and fifteen years old and have already experienced more than most adults. Truancy, escapes from home, prostitution, drugs, life on the streets and misguided loves, even though they are still children. They have incomplete families and botched up lives. Re-education centres are full of them.
Ela has a child’s face, but her body is very feminine despite her age. The first evening after her mother drives her to the re-education centre, she has to stand on an impromptu stage where she is subjected to the so-called public confession. We learn that she had a thirty-year-old boyfriend Roby who she met regularly and lived with when she ran away from home. Ela loves him, but she is not allowed to contact him. She decides to run away from the centre during the New Year’s Eve disco.




Juraj Lehotský (b. 1975, Bratislava) graduated in photography at the Higher Art and Crafts (1994) and in documentary film direction from the Academy of Performing Arts (2000), both in Bratislava . He shot the short documentaries The Quiet World of Jožka Baláž (1995), We’ll Perform, We’ll Graduate (1996), A Funeral Is Actually a Premiere (1997), Unwanted Children (1998), Twins (1999), I Didn’t Know I’d Love You So Much (2000) and Interview (2001). His first feature-length film, the documentary Blind Loves (2008), premiered in 2009 in the Directors’ Fortnight section of the Cannes IFF and was subsequently screened and awarded at a number of other international film festivals. That same year, Karlovy Vary accepted the film in its documentary competition. Miracle is the director’s feature debut.



“I like to reveal new lives, other lives and I think about their purpose and search for their value. The film was inspired by a girl that I met. She was just a child and her whole world had collapsed around her. The young girl has not yet stopped being a child and she loses everything she loved – whatever was a part of her childhood, discos, childhood dreams and her first love. She is starting to live a life she has not been prepared for… I wanted to see her life as it was… to live her life with her own little secret… in absolute simplicity and mediocrity… I wanted to be close to her…”



1995 Tichý svet Jožka Baláža (Silent world of Jozko Balaz, short)
1996 Budeme mať výkony, budeme mať diplomy (With Enough Effort We´ll Have Diplomas, short)
1997 Pohreb je vlastne premiéra (A Funeral is Actually a Premiere, short)
1998 Nechcené deti (Unwanted Children, short)
1999 Dvojičky (Twins, short)
2000 Nevedel som, že ťa budem mať tak rád (I Wouldn´t Tell I would Love You so Much, short)
2001 Rozhovor (Interview, short)
1999-2008 Profiles of: Juraj Kukura, Martin Hollý, Milan Lasica, Miroslav Marcelli, Jozef Gertli Danglár, Ján Lehotský
2008 Slepé lásky (Blind loves, doc)
2013 Zázrak (Miracle)



2013 Karlovy Vary FF – East of the West:  Special Mention