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Kill, Baby, Kill!


Italia -1966 – 35mm – color – 85’


Direction: Mario Bava

Screenplay: Romano Migliorini, Roberto Natale, Mario Bava

Photography: Antonio Rinaldi

Editing: Romana Fortini

Set design: Sandro Dell’Orco

Music: Carlo Rustichelli

Costumes: Tina Grani

Cast: Giacomo Rossi Stuart, Erika Blanc, Fabienne Dalì, Piero Lulli, Max Lawrence (Luciano Catenacci)

Producers: Nando Pisani e Luciano Catenacci

Production: F. U. L. Film



In a German village, a woman kills herself by jumping into the void for no apparent reason. Dr. Paul Esway, passing by that area, is involved in the investigation and argues with the inhabitants of the village, who attribute what has happened to the spirit of an ancient curse, by looking like some sort of a white menacing child with a ball. Paul does not want to let him be influenced and has confidence in a scientific solution of the riddle, but he will be involved in the spiral of terror which is created by the diabolic child.



“Bava keeps the explanations suspended, (…) the ambiguity is kept and the return to order is denied. It is this ambiguity then that doesn’t change the appeal of the film, the possibility for the viewer to literally get lost in the purely cinematic spaces of the film (…). It is just Melissa, with a young face (rather than the body) and staring eyes, a bearer of death and terror (openly used in a craftier and affectionate way, as is known, by Fellini in his Toby Dammit), that symbolizes once again the mocking rejection that Bava is used to do within the logic of horror films: it is not the shapelessness or the deformity that arise as image of the evil (…), but just the apparent innocence and the purity of childhood”. (Daniele Dottorini, Mario Bava: Il rosso segno dell’illusione, Sentieri Selvaggi, 2013)