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Blood and Black Lace


Italia, Francia, Germania – 1964 – 35mm – color – 88’


Direction: Mario Bava

Screenplay: Marcello Fondato, Giuseppe Barilla, Mario Bava

Photography: Ubaldo Terzano

Editing: Mario Serandrei

Set design: Arrigo Breschi

Music: Carlo Rustichelli

Costumes: Tina Grani

Cast: Eva Bartok, Cameron Mitchell, Thomas Reiner, Arianna Gorini, Mary Arden

Producers: Massimo Patrizi, Alfredo Mirabile

Production: Emmepi Cinematografica, Les Productions Georges de Beauregard, Top Films, Monachia Films



In the Christian haute couture atelier was found the body of a model, strangled by a mysterious and masked murderer wearing a hat. The police inspector Silvestri starts investigating, but the mysteries soon multiply within the four walls: everyone seems to have something to hide and meanwhile the murders of the models continue in increasingly violent ways. The main suspects, however, seem to have cast-iron alibis and the solution of the riddle is becoming progressively complex…



“The anomalous story’s setting- shortly after destined to be used by Argento at the start, the most faithful follower – facilitates, as a result, the creation of a collection of characters who are unlikely so neurotic, ambiguous and greedy for power and wealth. But rather thriller and rather crime, Blood and Black Lace illustrates a bitter and pessimistic view of the world that Bava will not hesitate to suggest again in his subsequent works. In a world in total chaos where the bad ones win and the good ones – provided that they still exist – succumb. The atelier, its mannequins, curtains and ornaments with their incredibly saturated colors, just increase the intensity of a suspense that only the cautious point of view shots and the extremely researched camera movements (Bava’s trademark) are able to create”. (Marco Minniti, Cineteca di Bologna)