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realized by Antonio Turco
directed by Francesco Cinquemani
Compagnia Stabile Assai – Italia – 2014 – 80’


ARTISTS: the male figures are the inmates of the House of Detention of Rebibbia, and namely, Giovanni Arcuri, Salvatore Buccafusca, Renzo Danesi,
Aniello Falanga, Cosimo Rega.
The female figures: Sandra Vitolo (the prison psychologist), Patrizia Patrizi (university professor), Patrizia Spagnoli (theater -therapist) and Deborah
Bertagna (professional actress).
In addition, are part of the cast the professional actor Mario Zamma and the Assistant Director Rocco Duca, the only exponent among the prison officials who is on stage together with the prisoners.
The musicians are Antonio Turco (guitar and voice), Roberto Turco (classical guitar, bass and voice), and Lucio Turco (drums), Gina Fabiani (voice).
It is the only company that performs unpublished texts based on the experiences of prisoners.
The directing of the show is realized by Francesco Cinquemani, author of the documentary film Offstage and of other television and film products.

The construction of the story takes place through scenes interspersed with musical and narrative interludes. Significant is the choice of musical tracks,
which emphasize the setting.

The scene takes place within a bank where there are barricaded 5 robbers with 3 hostages. The awareness that this could be their last night produces in the characters complex reflections on their lives. The choice is between a lifetime sentence, and therefore the return to prison, and death. Each of the robbers did not manage to live in the normality of an everyday life. They belong to various criminal organizations. They belong to the criminal gang “banda della Magliana”, to Mafia and Camorra. The 3 hostages are: the bank manager, a girl fascinated by one of the  robbers, an elderly gentleman who had gone to apply for a mortgage and who found himself in the wrong place. They have chosen not to return to prison. Among the 5  characters there is an infiltrator. The epilogue is just round the corner…