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Irlanda, Francia, Spagna – 2009 – 35mm – color – 96’


Direction: Danis Tanović
Screenplay: Danis Tanović  from the novel by di Scott Anderson
Photography: Seamus Deasy
Editing: Francesca Calvelli, Gareth Young
Set design: Derek Wallace
Music: Lucio Dodoy
Costumes: Lorna Marie Mugan
Cast: Colin Farrell, Paz Vega, Christopher Lee, Kelly Reilly, Jamie Sives, Branko Djuric
Producers: Alan Moloney, Cedomir Kolar, Marc Baschet
Production: Asap Films, Parallel Films, Tornasol Films, Castafiore Films



Mark and David are two war photojournalists, who shoot images of war in Kurdistan. Mark is very ambitious and he still wants to follow out the conflict for a few days, looking for the perfect snapshot. But David has had enough of dirty, hopelessness and violence, so that he wants to go home to his pregnant wife Diane. During the war, Mark is seriously injured, and ends up in the local hospital in the Harir Block. Here he was previously a witness and recorded Dr. Talzani, while he was playing God. When Mark injured and bloodied, returns home, he is shocked after discovering that David has not returned.



“Tanović uses a straightforward persuasive, but not tearful writing. The scenes of the war’s consequences have not rhetorical aspects. Poor people, the words and attitude of the doctor, the serious attitude of the psychiatrist are presented without apparent piety and, finally, the endearment between the couple is the evidence of a strong pacifist tendency.” (Francesco Bolzoni, Avvenire)



2009 Roma FF –  in Competition