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Long Live the Red and Proletariat May 1


Italia – 1969 – 16mm – b&n and color – 26’


Regia Direction: Marco Bellocchio

Fotografia Photography: Dimitri Nicolau

Produzione Production: Unione Comunisti Italiani



A short documentary realized on the counter-demonstrations that were organized by the Union of the Italian Communists in Milan and Rome on the occasion of the Labor Day on May 1st. It is divided into three parts: in the first it is documented the political debate within the Union, in the second and third the demonstrations which took place in Milan and Rome.



“On the occasion of the specific celebration such as the May Day which enables a prearranged organization, Bellocchio coordinates the work of many operators. The result is a color film which pays much more attention to the spectacular impact and is much more “refined” from the aesthetic point of view. Bellocchio is aware of being called upon to give emphasis to what is one of the strong points of UCI, that is, to the ability to organize demonstrations that are able to affect also from a visual point of view the external viewer and he relies on this. Obtaining however a performance which is mostly exterior.” (Giancarlo Zappoli, Le forme della ribellione. Il cinema di Marco Bellocchio, Lindau 2004)