Cultural association Art Promotion


Art Promotion is a nonprofit cultural association founded in 1997 by a group of art enthusiasts. It aims to promote art in all its forms, through cultural exchange, not least film and music festivals, conferences and exhibitions.


Art Promotion carries out activities aimed at bolstering the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge, being aware of the fact that art can develop a social consciousness, not least among young people,  to deal with common urgent issues, shared by both industrialized and developing countries.The warm response of our audience to our previous events and our own enthusiasm are the driving forces for further research and exploration.


Art promotion has organized various events such as Corato Jazz Festival (1998-2000), Corato FilMusic Festival (2005), the International Festival of Peace and Hip Hop Music “Menu Kebab” (2007-2008), the conference “”Soul in Art, the Euro Mediterranean Coproduction Forum” (since 2010) and, not least, the European Film Festival (since 2000). All the initiatives pursue common objectives: intercultural dialogue; freedom of expression;  promotion of cultural diversity; education and training of young people in the social and cultural field; the fight against racism and xenophobia; protection and enhancement of Apulian territory and traditions, promotion and dissemination of European and Mediterranean culture.