AMORE BALORDO – L’AMOUR BRAQUE L’amour braque – Mad love 

1985 – 35mm – color – 101′


Direction: Andrzej Zulawski

Screenplay: Etienne Roda Gil, Andrzej Zulawski liberamente freely adapted from tratto da L’idiota di Fedor Dostoevskij

Cinematography:Jean-François Robin

Editing:Marie-Sophie Dubus

Set design:Dominique André

Music:Stanislas Syrewicz

Costumes: Olga Pelletier

Cast: Sophie Marceau, Tchéky Karyo, Francis Huster, Christiane Jean, Jean-Marc Bory, Roland Dubillard, Michel Albertini, Saïd Amadis, Ged Marlon, Serge Spira

Producers: Antoine Gannagé, Alain Sarde

Production: Sara Films Paris, Alain Sarde



Freely adapted from Dostoevskij’s The Idiot. After carrying out a bank robbery, Mickey and his partners leave for Paris. On the train, Mickey meets Léon, a young Hungarian defector of noble birth. In Paris, Mickey introduces Léon to his lover, Marie, who is forced to be the kept woman of the gang of the four Venin brothers, involved in the worst criminal trades. Léon and Marie secretly fall in love with each other but are involved in a series of kidnappings and murders caused by the rivalry between the two gangs. So the naive Léon is overwhelmed by passion and by the events triggered by the rival gangs, while the clueless Mickey fights against the Venin brothers for Marie’s love, unaware that the girl doesn’t love him anymore.



“A typical film by Andrzej Zulawski, (who) freely adapted The Idiot to put on screen a story in which violence, neurosis and eroticism are pushed to their utmost (…) A convulsed and hysterical story, where everything is shouted, where rhythm is the only true filmic peculiarity, where we meet again the young actress.” (Gian Luigi Rondi, Il Tempo, 15 June 1986)

L’amour braque is a musical similar to its characters, who are in a condition of both excitement and quiet, the same two feelings that constantly coexist in every shot of Zulawski’s films, both facing the abyss between life and death, cruelty and innocence, chaos and sweetness.” (Giuseppe Gariazzo, Grazia Paganelli, Filmcritica n. 533, March 2003)   


1986 Fantasporto – Competition