ASINO VOLA – Donkey Flies

2015 – 35mm – colore – 75’


Regia Direction: Paolo Tripodi, Marcello Fonte

Sceneggiatura Screenplay: Paolo Tripodi, Marcello Fonte

Fotografia Cinematography: Claudio Cofrancesco

Montaggio Editing: Esmeralda Calabria

Scenografia Set design: Bruno Melappioni

Musica Originale Original Music: Valerio C. Faggioni

Costumi Costumes: Chiara Nobile

Interpreti Cast: Francesco Tramontana, Silvia Gallerano, Luigi Lo Cascio, Antonello Pensabene, Francesco Barbaro, Andrea Tripodi, Paolo Rodà, Giuseppa Liuzzo

Voci Voices: Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Lino Banfi

Produttore Producer: Carlo Cresto-Dina

Produzione Production: Tempesta con with Rai Cinema con il contributo di with the contribution of MIBAC – Direzione Generale Cinema

World Sales: The Match Factory



Maurizio is a stubborn boy who grows up near the fiumara, where people throw away whatever they no longer need. This open-air dump becomes his playground, where among wrecked cars and other treasures large and small, he begins to dream of playing in the town band. Mamma Rosa looks on his musical aspirations as a childish whim, a luxury that the family cannot afford. And so, between the good advice by Mosè the donkey and the pranks by chicken N’Giulina, Maurizio is faced with a growing series of adventures and comes to the realization that, if his dream is to come true, he must be determined to see it through right to the end.




“To tell this story, we tried to identify as much as possible with the subjective stance of our “hero”, with his perception, so that the world around him seemed to be hanging between reality and fantasy. (…) The film is a jump back in time to discover the origins of his love for music. It answers these questions: where do I come from? What made me the person I am today? The random events of life or my will and determination? We talk about music through the heart-warming relationship developing between Maurizio and his drum, through his passionate curiosity about its functioning, his wish to fix it at all costs, even though it doesn’t belong to him. (…)”




2015 Locarno FF – Piazza Grande, Evento Speciale Special Event