2015 – color – 98’


Direction: Donato Rotunno

Screenplay: Tullio Forgiarini, Donato Rotunno, Nicolas Steil from the novel Amok by T. Forgiarini

Cinematography: Jako Raybaut

Editing: Matyas Veress

Set design: André Fosny

Music: Eric Bintz

Costumes: Caroline Koener

Cast: Joshua Defays, Charlotte Elsen, Etienne Halsdorf, Gintare Parulyte, Fabienne Hollwege, Pit Diederich, Jules Werner

Producer: Nicolas Steil

Production: Iris Productions



X and Shirley are only 13 years old. But they know all about violence, drugs and pornography: they are experiencing these every day at school. Among those hopeless and too fast growing children, they will come together as a unique couple. Loneliness is indeed easier when somebody shares it. Sometimes you even feel like being understood… Along the film, these two preteens will try to create themself a world of illusion and hope. A rush forward to find love they are desperately lacking…A violent and rough journey with some intense moments of genuine childish happiness like they have never experienced.





Born in Luxembourg (1966), in 1992, he graduated in film studies from the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Louvain-la-neuve, in Belgium. Donato co-founded Tarantula Luxembourg in 1995. As a producer he has overseen over 18 feature films. His career as a director includes the short Fishtrip and docs. He also directed Landscape with a Corpse, a 30-minute feature inspired by the works of Japanese photographer Izima Kaoru. His first full-length feature, In A Dark Place, starred Leelee Sobieskie and Tara Fitzgerald and won the award for best artistic contribution at the 2007 Lëtzebuerger Filmpräis. After his feature film Baby(a)lone, based on the novel Amok by Tullio Forgiarini, he is working on an original script by Jean Portante.




“I have been working for several months with Tullio Forgiarini and Nicolas Steil to make this film. Tullio is the author of the original novel: Amok and also a teacher. Nicolas is the co-writer and producer of the film. This film wants to be the voice of a young adolescence in need for love. (…) I did not want to make a “Luxemburgian film” but simply a “film”! Like for the Scandinavian cinema, the choice of the language stems from the story of the film itself. The question was not to look for a «bankable» language but to keep the project coherent. Amok is a Luxembourgish novel that takes place in Luxembourg, a country with its own language specificities. The Luxembourgish language has not been an obstacle but it certainly has been hard to find the proper local actors in such a small country. The story of these two children is universal. We transpose it into a film in Luxembourgish. (…)”


1996 Fishtrip (short)

1999 André et les voix dissidentes (doc)

2002 Les Mesures du rectangle (doc)

2003 Making of a picture (doc)

2003 Landscape with a Corpse (short)

2006 In A Dark Place 

2011 Blà Blä Blá (doc)

2012 Terra Mia Terra Nostra (doc)

2015 Baby(a)lone


2015 Bruxelles FF

2015 Stockholm IFF – Competition

2016 Oscar 88th Academy Awards: Luxenbourgian candidate for Best Foreign Language Film

2015 FF Goa

2016 34th Alès FF

2016 Sedona IFF, USA

2016 Chicago European Union FF