2015 – DCP – colore – 80’


Direction: Bujar Alimani

Screenplay: Bujar Alimani

Cinematography: Ilias Adamis

Editing: Bonita Papastathi

Set design: Emir Turkeshi

Music: Pjetër Gaci

Costumes: Stela Laknori

Cast: Fredjon Rui, Klodjana Keco, Mirela Naska, Kasem Hoxha

Producers: Bujar Alimani, Anita Elsani, Valon Jakupaj, Thanos Anastopoulos

Production: 90 Production, Gegnia Film, Fantasia Auido-Visual, Elsani Film




After having lost two husbands, a mute woman a mother of two young boys has to survive and support her family by sheer will. Her older boy a 15 year old tries to come onto his own while attending school and illegally finding work at a Chromium mine nearby. A man that finds himself amidst a woman’s love and her young adolescent son’s jealous tantrums. A young female math teacher who loves rock music and has rebelled against her parent’s wishes of following the path of a comfortable life in the capital. She appears as a guardian angel helping and guiding the young 15 year old boy in his journey towards manhood.




Bujar Alimani was born on January 27, 1969 in Patos, Albania. He studied painting and stage directing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. In Greece, from 1992, he worked as an assistant director on several Greek films. His short films were awarded in various international festivals, such as in Tampere, Rezenburger, Siena, Sydney, Montpellier etc. In 2011 he directed his first feature film Amnesty,the first Albanian film that was funded by the Council of Europe fund, Eurimages, the first official participation of Albania in Berlinale (C.I.C.A.E. Prize), and participated in many international festivals won Fipresci Award, Cineuropa Award, Jury Prize in Lecce, Jury Prize in Lisbon etc. Amnesty is official Albanian Candidate for Oscar 2012.




“Six months after having written the first script version of Chromium I finally realized that two of the main characters were based on two brothers I knew in my childhood. I remember now that the brothers were always detached and always kept to themselves. The entire neighborhood including me and my friends made fun and shunned the half-brothers as if it was their fault they had different fathers. Perhaps making Chromium was a subconscious way of seeking forgiveness and clearing my conscience at the same time for those childhood indiscretions.”


2006 Ygraerio (short)

2008 Busulla (short)

2009 Mia istoria agapis (short)

2011 Amnistia (Amnesty)

2015 Krom (Chromium)


2015 Karlovy Vary IFF – East of West

2015 Manaki Brothers, Macedonia

2015 Hamburg Film Festival

2015 Montpellier FF

2015 Segovia FF

2015 Education Film Festival, Evreux Normandy

2015 Mediterranean Film Festival, Bruxels

2016 Munich FF