1990 – 35mm – colore – 90’

Direction: Christian De Sica

Screenplay: Filippo Ascione, Liliana Betti, Christian De Sica

Photography: Sergio Salvati

Editing: Raimondo Crociani

Set design: Gepy Mariani

Music: Manuel De Sica

Costumes: Nicoletta Ercole, Maria Camilla Righi

Cast: Nadia Rinaldi, Massimo Bonetti, Raffaella Davi, Gianni Musy Glori, Antonello Fassari, Agnese Nano, Giovanni Visentin, John Francis Lane, Lucia Poli, Paco Reconti, Dado Ruspoli, Enrica Bonaccorti, Giuliana Calandra, Roberto D’Agostino, Achille Bonito Oliva

Producers: Jacopo Capanna, Giuseppe Perugia

Production: Video Holding spa, Aura Film in collaborazione con in collaboration with Rai Due



Daniela is a nice overweight woman who works in an art gallery in Rome. Near Campo dei Fiori, where she lives with her friend Luisa, everybody knows and loves her. Every morning she brings croissants for breakfast to a group of migrants, but one day she learns, to her dismay, that her beloved Mubu, a Senegalese drummer, has gone to Naples for an engagement. Then she has a phone conversation with a man named Michele, who lives with Massimo, a bizarre antique dealer. She arranges a setup in Piazza Navona and lets Luisa go first to the date, but in vain…



“Small low-cost comedy set in Rome depicting a funny, likeable female character.” (Lietta Tornabuoni, La Stampa)

“A cheerful comedy portraying several kinds of human being. Maybe the representation of the surrounding snob, pseudo-cultural environment of art galleries is not always well managed as it should, as its colours are too vivid and its caricatures a little easy, but the story itself is not too affected by these faults and is still pleasant and convincing.” (Gian Luigi Rondi, Il Tempo)


1991 David di Donatello: Christian De Sica nominated as Best New Director

1991 Golden Globes, Italia: Best Actress