Twenty short films have been selected for PUGLIA SHOW, the competition traditionally reserved to young Apulian directors less than 35 years old, a section managed by Luigi La Monica.

The Jury of the competition, represented by Francesca Andreoli, Mariolina Gamba and Francesco Ranieri Martinotti,





CDMX – Ciudad de Muertos

directed by Filippo Toma – doc – 10′ – 2016

Charles visits the grave of his girlfriend, remembering his lost love against the surreal background of Mexico City during the Dia de los Muertos. At night, Charles is haunted by nightmares until he is woken up by his dog, and the two remain hanging: the man must overcome his grief, as life goes on despite death, while the dog is happy just because it can stay together with its owner, leaving us with a slight hint of hope.



directed by Grazia Tricarico – experimental – 8′ – 2016

Two creatures hanging in a mental space. A search through their bodies, through sexuality, the desire of flesh. A suggestion on feminine identity, which must be reshaped in a ever-changing horizon.


EMERGENCY EXIT – Medio Oriente

directed by Brunella Filì – docu-fiction – 23′ – 2015

It’s sunrise in the desert. The sounds of morning guide us into the day of the young Italian archaeologists emigrated to DABA, in Oman, to work on the excavation of a large tomb. They wake up, gather their instruments and go to work with Muslim workmen dressed in white, with their long dark beards and deep, fierce gazes. This is the first episode of the web series inspired by the documentary of the same name.



directed by Pierfrancesco Gatto – drammatico drama – 8′ – 2016

A small ship carrying the fleeing inhabitants of a distant village founders in the middle of the night due to a storm. The daylight reveals the remains scattered along the cliff. Three visitors, arrived in the deserted village, are pervaded by a feeling of disbelief and bewilderment. No question will be answered. No star will be able to guide them.



directed by Luca Cucci – documentario doc – 16′ – 2015

Two Italian artists, Luigi Presicce and Annalisa Macagnino, reinterpret through their different artistic practices an aspect of the figure of St. Joseph of Cupertino – the saint known throughout the world for his mystical visions and levitation towards the Madonna. In the film we follow the two artists as they create a new imagery of St. Joseph through the setting up of an installation in six paintings of the saint by Annalisa Macagnino, and a dedicated performance without audience by Luigi Presicce.



directed by Federico Mudoni – fiction – 11′ – 2015

An order from above is all a terrorist sleeper cell in Italy is waiting for to take action. But all the years spent in Italy cannot but have left a mark on these people called to perform such extreme symbolic acts.



directed by Luigi Nico – fiction – 9′ – 2016

Sara is an aspiring photographer undergoing a period of crisis, during which she suffers a serious emotional breakdown culminating in a suicide attempt. She decides to go on a trip with her friends, who convince her to join them on the pretext that she would have the chance to take the photo to submit to a national competition. During the trip, the group of friends stop for the night in the house of a painter…



directed by Giuseppe De Mita – drama – 12′ – 2015

“Don’t you see that he’s trying to fool you?” With these words the director of a psychiatric hospital warns young doctor Biagio Nerini against the eccentric patient he is treating, Nino Balestrieri. But Biagio is not intimidated, and in order to get the patient to say something, he is willing to be involved in a heated game of chess with him.



directed by Luciano Toriello – doc– 13′ – 2016

In his farm in Borgo San Giusto (Foggia), Salvatore Lovaglio is completing the creation of an equestrian monument to King Manfred of Sicily. The statue, commissioned by the Municipality of Manfredonia to pay homage to the town’s founder, takes shape in the silence of the village. The artist never stays away from his work, the result of great effort and love, and a symbiotic relationship develops between him and his creation…



directed by Naike Anna Silipo – drama– 16′ – 2015

The endless roads and the horizons dreamed lead Fabio towards nothingness, in a journey where the only thing that matters is to move anywhere indefinitely in the hope of forgetting his growing anxiety and angst. His inescapable need to rebel and his search for authenticity reflect a youth generation affected by discomfort and violence as they desperately seek a space of freedom.



directed by Antonio De Palo – drama – 29′ – 2016

In the night of November 5, 2025 a child called Angela disappears. Around this umpteenth case of disappearance intertwine the lives and stories of a young inspector, of Ada, a young woman in search of her little sister disappeared many years before, and of Eddi, the transsexual speaker of a radio night show.



directed by Mirco Valenza – drama – 22′ – 2015

Cecilia is young, beautiful and highly regarded in her town. At the age of just 24, she already works as a bridal shop manager, but she is unhappy. It is thanks to her ambiguous relationship with Elia, her boyfriend’s teenage brother, that Cecilia comes to reassess her life.



directed by Antonio Casto – comedy – 18′ – 2015

Common conversations between common people come one after the other and intertwine with one another in Valentino’s Park in Turin, in a series of increasingly more grotesque and exaggerated sketches.


MY CHILD IS DREAMING – The idyllic world of children against adults’ dreamlike visions

directed by Pasquale D’Amico – animation – 3′ – 2016

When my daughter was born I bought my first diary. In the beginning I was just taking notes of her progress, reactions and likes. Then I began writing about my dreams as well. After two years, I’ve collected all the most beautiful bits to create a video. From such duality, a project called My child is dreaming was born. It is an introspective journey full of metaphors and paradoxes that put in contrast the idyllic and enchanted world of children with adults’ dreamlike visions, sometimes a bit pessimistic and obsessive.



directed by Guido Di Paolo – drama – 11′ – 2015

It’s December 24. Massimiliano, Alberto, Giorgio and Gabriele are spending their Christmas Eve in a refined and joyful atmosphere. Alberto and Giorgio have been together for a long time, while Gabriele is Massimiliano’s new fling and this piques the curiosity of the other guests. The four of them chat pleasantly but time goes by fast… and duty calls…


SEADUCTION: The Tale of the Tail

directed by Serena Porta & Domenico De Ceglia – fantasy – 9′ – 2016

Seductive creatures emerge from the depths of the sea: they are Aglae and Thelgo, the handmaids of Amphitrite, an ancient Greek goddess whose sea reign has been violated and exploited by unscrupulous men, greedy for money. The two mermaids seduce a sailor, chosen as a sacrificial victim in the attempt to appease the wrath of the goddess and restore a natural equilibrium that has been destroyed by the hubris and arrogance of man.



directed by Sabina Andrisano – comedy – 10′ – 2015

There are three difficult things: to guard a secret, to bear an injury and to employ one’s spare time. Like every woman, Madeleine has secrets, but she lives her life in broad daylight, calmly and joyfully. She spends her time kneading cakes and enjoying life with Lara and René, who’s much younger than her. Madeleine’s happiness arouses the envy of Wilma…



directed by Paolo Rollo – docu-fiction – 10′ – 2015

Uttisciana is a small docu-fiction aiming to provide a glimpse of the daily life of a small village in Southern Italy, from sunrise to sunset, following, as a file rouge, the daily routine of a peasant, a barber and a housewife. Actions and images set by the clock, by the perfectly rhythmic ring of the bells, in a poetic, historical and cultural, but at the same time melancholic place.



directed by Daniele De Luca – experimental – 4′ – 2015

Chopin’s song recorded on the cassette tape, kept almost as a memento by the old woman secretly observed on the tram. More and more vivid memories of a love never lived.






directed by Ivan Banderblog (Korolev) – drama (poem) – 20′ -2015

The poem is about intellectuals who leave their country abandoning their shabby houses and taking together only music sheets and vivid memories about past. These are sentimental memories about their childhood. However, the recollections of the character were suddenly interrupted by hooligans attacking him in the street. Fleeing for life, he left to the robbers everything he had: music sheets and the single memorabilia from his past. Of course, these things were worthless for the annoyed street criminals. But while they were delving into them, the protagonist escaped.



directed by Carla Guido – fiction – 10′ – 2015

The short narrates a 40-year story, the 40 years that mark the anthropological changes of the relationships within couples, families, between parents and children, and the relationship among parents, children and school resulting in the so-called “educational emergency”, so feared today. The narration takes place in two distinct time frames: Salento 1975/2015, behind the closed doors of bourgeois dining rooms at lunchtime, without ever losing its tone of amused irony shadowed by disenchantment.



directed by Maurizio Mazzotta, Dario Patrocini – Fiction – 19′ – 2015

Lucio, a beggar with borderline intelligence, driven by poverty and with few resources to face the events of life, tries to meet some of his most basic and urgent needs in an awkward but extreme way. With his back against the wall, he realises what is really important: he can’t absolutely trade his freedom for a hot meal and a warm bed.




directed by Giuseppe Boccassini – experimental – 15′ – 2016

Extremely loud and incredibly close.



directed by Francesco Colangelo – fiction – 25′ – 2015

The travel of a young Italian woman, Julia, and her son Rocco, from the city of London, where they live, to the grandparents’ land, the region of Apulia in Southern Italy.

The search and discovery of happiness far from the large urban cities.