After bringing cinema to prison already four years ago with the film Cesare deve morire, in this edition the Festival comes back to the Correctional Facility of Lecce, consistently with the project of Minister Andrea Orlando, offering the screening of two films for the inmates.

After an introduction by Luciana Castellina, actor Elio Germano will attend the screening of Our Life by Daniele Luchetti (2010), while director Alessandro Piva will be present at the screening of Milionari (2014).

As we all know, cinema talks about other lives, the lives of the protagonists of films and of the actors playing them, stimulates the imagination, which is always fertile and cannot absolutely be compelled,  but can be sparked by the presence of the actor and the director.

Two young men endowed with exemplar determination and will.

The aim is to encourage the inmates to believe in their own ability to conceive and carry out projects of real life and their willingness to radically change their lives.

Cinema taking place in prison as a way, for inmates, of “getting out of themselves”, a way of  “showing off” seeking self-respect, proving to themselves, more than to the others, that they have character, that they can act, say yes, announce, state and even deny things in front of such uncommon interlocutors.


Our Life

Daniele Luchetti 2010 – colore - 100’


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The Millionaires

Alessandro Piva 2015 - colore - 104’


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