2016 – 35mm – colore – 90’

Direction: Caterina Carone

Screenplay: Caterina Carone

Cinematography: Melanie Brugger

Editing: Enrica Gatto

Set design: Giuliano Pannuti

Music: Giorgio Giampà

Costumes: Massimo Cantini Parrini

Cast: Christian De Sica, Lucia Mascino, Therese Hämer, Irina Wrona, Andrea Germani, Max Mazzotta, Jasmin Barbara Mairhofer, Luigi Delladio, Peter Mitterutzner, Ingrid Bliem Esposito

Producer: Carlo Cresto-Dina

Production: Tempesta, Rai Cinema



Regina is 45 years old and a perfect example of what is called a “fräulein”: a woman without husband and children, with a seemingly strong personality, a little nasty and sarcastic, rude and stubborn, who does everything to hide her own femininity. She is the owner of a hotel that has been closed for years now, and lives there with Marilyn, a privileged woman with an aristocratic attitude; Regina spends her days looking after some elderly people of the town. There seem to be no changes in store for her, until one day, after the radio announced the arrival of a terrible solar storm, a mysterious sixty-something tourist, Walter Bonelli, a confused and childish man, stumbles into her life demanding to stay in the hotel.



Frlein is the story of a crash, which becomes an encounter, between two people scarred by life, frozen in anxiety and fear, crushed by loneliness. (…) In a turbulent journey that will bring them closer to each other, Walter and Regina discover the importance of dialogue and listening, means through which everyone can find him or herself and reconcile with the world. As the story develops in a positive way, despite its sad feel, since the beginning I felt that I had to use the specific register of a certain kind of comedy, that kind of comedy that manages to be at the same time light and serious, funny and sad. It part of my narrative journey, of my intentions, my way of being: I want to talk about life as I think it is, so difficult and so easy, so intense and so light, so serious and so funny.