2015 – DCP – colore – 87’


Direction: Jake Gavin

Screenplay: Jake Gavin

Cinematography: David Raedecker

Editing: Guy Bensley

Set design: Byron Broadbent

Music: Emily Barker

Costumes: Denise Coombes

Cast: Peter Mullan, Keith Allen, Natalie Gavin, Sharon Rooney, Sarah Solemani, Ewan Stewart, Laurie Ventry, Stephen Tompkinson, Gina McKee

Producer: Stephen Malit

Production: Malitski Production




Hector McAdam is embarking on his annual journey from Scotland to a London shelter, where Christmas cheer and a turkey dinner await him. But, aware this might be his last, Hector opts to reconnect with his past and reunite with those he left behind. Life without a home isn’t easy but Hector is resilient, accepting of people, and life, as they come. He meets with friendship and kindness, disappointment and cruelty, discomfort and joy. His cross-country odyssey brings chance encounters, companions old and new who need his support as much as he needs theirs.





Brought up in South Ayrshire, he made his first film when he was twelve years old. After a university degree, Jake worked as a photojournalist for The Associated Press, Reuters and The Independent, covering conflicts around the world. Prolific portrait photographer, his work has appeared in a broad range of publications (GQ, Vogue, Elle, Playboy…). The exhibitions of his photographs lead him to establishing and running the photography gallery “275” with Julian Broad, and a collaboration with Amnesty International. At the same time, Jake worked in various capacities on several shorts and feature films. He started writing a screenplay for a short: the script was over ninety pages… Hector.


“I was a volunteer for Crisis at Christmas. I met a number of extraordinary people there, and heard some great stories. While many of the shelter’s guests lived in around London, quite a few had travelled the length of the country on what, for them, was an annual pilgrimage to spend a few days over Christmas amongst familiar faces.

Those stories sowed the seed for the idea of a contemporary Odyssean road trip through Britain, substituting a Christmas shelter for Ithaca. The early drafts concentrated on the journey itself. As Hec’s character evolved and matured, the screenplay turned more into a portrait of the man himself, rather than a straight travelogue.

When we were scouting for locations for the film, I think that every single service station manager I spoke told me about their own Hectors – characters who turn up for a night or two every few months, and then move on.”



2015 Hector


2015 Edinburgh IFF – Competition

2015 Film by the Sea FF

2015 Athens IFF

2015 Dunoon FF

2015 Haifa IFF

2015 Chicago IFF – New Director’s Competition

2015 Sao Paulo IFF – New Filmmakers Competition

2015 Seminci Valladolid

2015 Mumbai IFF – World Cinema Section

2015 Ajaccio English and Irish FF: Miglior Attore Best Actor

2015 AFI EU Film Showcase

2016 Febiofest