1991 – 35mm – colore – 88’


Direction: Christian De Sica

Screenplay: Age, Gianfilippo Ascione, Adriano Incrocci, Christian De Sica

Photography: Sergio Salvati

Editing: Renato Crociani

Set design: Gepy Mariani

Music: Manuel De Sica

Costumes: Nicoletta Ercole

Cast: Christian De Sica, Ornella Muti, Galeazzo Benti, Anita Ekberg, Alain Flick, Antonello Fassari, Maria Mercader, Bruno Corazzari, Karen Moore, Françoise Brion, Rosa Miranda, Raffaella Davi, Lucia Stara, John Karlsen, Egon von Fürstenberg, Jacques Stany

Producers: Jacopo Capanna, Giuseppe Perugia, Silvia Verdone

Production:  Produttori Associati, Vittoria Cinematografica, Reteitalia in collaborazione con in collaboration with Clea Production, President Film



Alfredo is a rude motorcycle mechanic from Rome and a friend of count Max, a penniless and pleasure-seeking gentleman. Max invites Alfredo to his villa in Campo dei Fiori and teaches him good manners, French and how to play poker. One evening, a beautiful woman has her bag snatched near Alfredo’s house: she is Isabella Matignon, a fashion model and the kept woman of the old Giorgio, who would like to marry her. Alfredo helps her and the morning after he shows up to her home with flowers, only to learn that she has left for Paris. When he recognises her on the poster of a famous high fashion designer, under the suggestion of the count Alfredo goes to Ville Lumière, elegantly dressed and with his smoking packed in the suitcase.


“With the help of Age screenwriters, Filippo Ascione and Adriano Incrocci (and thanks to the cooperation with his mother Maria Mercader and his brother, the musician Manuel), De Sica gracefully proposes a light and gentle kind of cinema. A fairy-tale cinema.” (Paolo D’Agostini, La Repubblica).

(…) Christian had to find a way to avoid the comparison with the previous two films. In fact, his version, though partially similar to the previous models, is characterized by a modern, topical and very ironic screenplay, dotted with several hilarious and funny moments.” (Adriano Pintaldi, Cristian De Sica – Segni particolari bravissimo)