2014 – colore – 135’



Direction: Mario Martone

Screenplay: Mario Martone, Ippolita di Majo

Cinematography: Renato Berta

Editing: Jacopo QuadriSet design: Giancarlo Muselli

Music: Sascha Ring

Costumes: Ursula Patzak

Cast: Elio Germano, Michele Riondino, Massimo Popolizio, Anna Mouglalis, Valerio Binasco, Paolo Graziosi, Iaia Forte, Sandro Lombardi, Raffaella Giordano, Edoardo Natoli, Federica de Cola, Isabella Ragonese, Giovanni Ludeno, Giorgia Salari, Gloria Ghergo

Producers: Carlo Degli Esposti, Patrizia Massa, Nicola Serra

Production: Palomar, Rai Cinema



Giacomo Leopardi is a very special child, grown up in his home in Recanati under the aegis of his father, Count Monaldo. Little Giacomo almost never leaves his home and, with a large library at his disposal, he reads every kind of books. In this period, with the help of poetry, he starts to give birth to that huge and painful inner autobiography that will lead him to outline his thought more and more neatly: his is a laic, lucid thought, a relentless ability to uncover all the hypocrisy of the society in which he lives, in a time when the world is changing, the Enlightenment is opening people’s minds and the great revolutions are breaking out. When he turns 24, Leopardi finally leaves Recanati to discover the “world”, but his rebellious spirit makes it hard for him to adapt to reality.


“(…) Divided into sculptural narrative blocks, the film exudes a magnificence deriving from the strength of an introspection expressed by images, from the psychological emphasis created by Quadri’s editing. Elio Germano wonderfully expresses a feeling of pain but also awareness, as if he were seeing himself from outside: he delivers an unforgettable performance when he crawls against the walls covered by parchment dust, forgets the “cowardly prudence” and invokes the power of Doubt, which rescues him from his much-loved silence. Perfect in his balancing of sadness and melancholy, he is the star of a perfect cast (…).” (Maurizio Porro, Il Corriere della Sera)


2014 Mostra di Venezia – Competition: Pasinetti and Vittorio Veneto FF Prizes as Best Actor, AKAI Award to Iaia Forte, Piccioni Award for Best Score

2015 David di Donatello: Best Actor, Production Design, Costume Design, Make-Up,Hair Styling

2015 Silver Ribbons:  Film of the Year to Mario Martone, Elio Germano, Palomar