IL MATTINO HA L’ORO IN BOCCA The early bird catches the worm

2007 – colore – 100’


Direction: Francesco Patierno

Screenplay: Francesco Patierno in collaborazione con l’autore del romanzo in collaboration with the author of the novel Marco Baldini

Cinematography: Mauro Marchetti

Editing: Renata Salvatore

Set design: Tommaso Bordone

Music: Pivio , Aldo De Scalzi

Costumes: Eva Coen

Cast: Elio Germano, Laura Chiatti, Martina Stella, Carlo Monni, Gerardo Amato, Corrado Fortuna, Donato Placido, Umberto Orsini, Gian Marco Tognazzi, Dario Vergassola, Fiorenza Pieri, Grazia Schiavo

Producers: Marco Poccioni, Marco Valsania

Production: Rodeo Drive s.r.l.



One night, in the suburbs of Milan, Marco is forced by his lenders to dig his own grave. Years earlier, Marco lived with his family in Florence, had a girlfriend and had begun to work in a local radio station. But one day, almost by chance, he had entered a betting shop and started to gamble on horses. Noticed by the producer of the famous radio station Radio Dee-Jay, he had moved to Milan, where he shared an apartment with the famous showman Fiorello, and had started a professional collaboration with him. Their shows had become more and more successful, but this had not prevented Marco from spiralling down into gambling addiction…



“With a mixture of humour and compassion, the film digs deep into the world of private radio stations and that of gambling, where the misfits outnumber the real aficionados. The talented Elio Germano stars in the role of the anguished victim of gambling.” (Maurizio Bertarelli, Il Giornale)

“(…) The young and gifted Francesco Patierno directs his cast well, with a clear and credible sense of mise-en-scene; he does not trivialise any image, captures the nuances of the characters and does not imitate the traditional representation of gambling issues seen in many other films. (…)”(Valerio Caprara, Il Mattino)


2008 David di Donatello: Umberto Orsini nominated as Best Supporting Actor

2008 Karlovy Vary IFF – Competition