2000 – 35mm – colore – 158′


Direction: Andrzej Zulawski

Screenplay: Andrzej Zulawski based on tratta da La principessa di Cleves di by Madame de La Fayette

Cinematography:Patrick Blossier

Editing: Marie-Sophie Dubus

Set design:Jean-Vincent Puzos

Music:Andrzej Korzynski

Costumes:Caroline de Vivaise

Cast: Sophie Marceau, Pascal Greggory, Guillaume Canet, Michel Subor, Magali Noël, Marc Francois, Edith Scob, Marina Hands, Manuel Le Lievre, Aurélien Recoing, Jean-Charles Dumay, Guy Trejan, Edea Darcque, Jlie Brochen, Cécile Richard

Producer: Paulo Branco

Production: France 3 Cinema; Gemini Films; Le Studio Canal+


Clélia, a young and talented photographer, is hired by a Canadian scandal-sheet press baron, Lucien Macroi, with a view to gilding his group image. A man of power, he is surrounded by a veritable entourage made up for the most part of people of dubious intention. In opposition to this dissolute milieu, Clève, a 35-year-old editor, honest and concerned for a certain literary quality, falls head over heels in love with Clélia. Under this spell of Clèves chaming awkwardness, Clélia agrees to marry him. However, her work leads her to meet Nemo, a young man on the fringes, a photographer who specializes in hard-hitting reportage. Sharing this love of the image, of the stolen instant, their complicity blossoms into a passionate bonding love affair, yet lived out only through photography.



“Zulawski takes The Princess of Clèves, (…), brings it into the twenty-first century and, as usual, spins an entangled spider’s web of seemingly not so coherent themes and events around the eternal fight between fidelity and betrayal, which might be irritating or frustrating for the less expert spectators but is perfectly in line with his baroque idea of cinema, now shared by almost no one. Sophie Marceau, here on her fourth film and at the end of her 15-year love relationship with the Polish director, tirelessly fills the film with a grace and beauty that make us forget soon the excesses of the screenplay.” (Gigi Spani, Segnocinema n. 117, September 2002)


2000 Cabourg Romantic FF: Golden Swann (A. Zulawski), Best Actress (S. Marceau)

2000 Thessaloniki IFF

2000 Rio de Janeiro IFF