2010 – colore – 100’


Direction: Alessandro Piva

Screenplay: Massimo Gaudioso, Giacomo Gensini, Alessandro Piva

Cinematography: Renaud Personnaz

Editing: Alessandro Piva

Set design: Antonio Farina

Music: Andrea Farri

Costumes: Sandra Cardini

Cast: Francesco Scianna, Valentina Lodovini, Carmine Recano, Francesco Di Leva, Salvatore Striano, Gianfranco Gallo

Production: C.R.C. – Compagnia Realizzazioni Cinetelevisive



Claudio is a 30-year-old construction worker, who works at one of the many building sites in the suburbs of Rome. He is married, has two children and is expecting a third. His relationship with his wife Elena is full of empathy, vitality and passion. But their happy life is suddenly destroyed when Elena dies and Claudio is not able to live without her. He suppresses his own grief and tries to overcome his loss the wrong way: his only aim is to tempt fate, to give his children and himself what they have never had: wealth, money, luxuries, holidays, in a word, material “things”. In order to compensate his own family for their loss, he gets himself into a situation he cannot handle, and when he understands that he cannot make it alone, he has to seek the help of the only friends he trusts…



“A moralistic parable is the story of this warm, hearty film, very artless in its realism. (…) the whole film (the only Italian film in competition at the Cannes Film Festival) is characterised by a rare and touching vitality and directness. (…) most of the credit for its qualities lies with the director, with his sympathetic love for the characters, his search of non-conventional truths, his attention for popular realities that are not obvious at all. The actors, all well-chosen and well-directed, and not only the perfect leading actor Elio Germano, are good (…)” (Lietta Tornabuoni, L’Espresso)


2010 Cannes FF – Concorso Competition: Elio Germano Miglior Attore Best Actor (ex aequo con Javier Bardem per Biutiful)

2010 Nastri d’Argento Silver Ribbons:  Miglior Attore Protagonista Best Actor, Attore Non Protagonista Supporting Actor (Luca Zingaretti), Attrice Non Protagonista Supporting Actress (Isabella Ragonese), Sonoro in Presa Diretta Sound (Bruno Pupparo)

2011 David di Donatello: Miglior Regista, Attore Protagonista, Fonico di Presa Diretta Best Director, Actor, Sound