LIBERI Break free

2002 – colore – 113’


Direction: Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

Screenplay: Gianluca Maria Tavarelli, Leonardo Fasoli, Angelo Carbone

Cinematography: Roberto Forza

Editing: Marco Spoletini

Set design: Francesca Bocca

Music: Andrea Rocca

Costumes: Francesca Casciello

Cast: Elio Germano, Nicole Grimaudo, Luigi Maria Burruano, Anita Zagaria, Myriam Catania, Rosa Pianeta

Producer: Domenico Procacci

Production: Fandango, Medusa Film



Cenzo is from Bussi, a little village perched on mountains near Pescara, in the region of Abruzzo; he used to be a workman. 20-year-old Vince is Cenzo’s son and, unlike his father, he wants to leave and go to some big city. His girlfriend Elena is also 20, but she is fine in Bussi and does not have any desire to go elsewhere to live. She wants to get married, have children, a house, a job, and stay there. Then there is Genny, who is 20 as well, works as a waitress in Pescara and would like to see the word. But she cannot go anywhere. She feels like dying every time she gets on a train, or even if she goes to a party or a concert. She suffers from panic attacks. Anita, her mother, is a cook in the same restaurant where she works; it is a seasonal work for them: summer here, winter there.



“Again, Tavarelli’s cinema is a “cinema of escape”, oriented towards the continuous tension to make the temporariness of feelings filmable. (…) Break Free exposes the emotions of its characters with such a hot and oppressive physicality that it appears enthralling. Since the beginning, Elio Germano is a person on the run in his car heading to some unknown destination. Actually, places never get far away either from him or from his family (…). In Tavarelli there is almost a Rohmer-like strength and simplicity in shaping the attraction between Genny and Vince. (…)” (Simone Emiliani,


2003 Mostra di Venezia – Upstream

2003 Annecy Cinema Italien:  Audience Award, Attore Best Actor, CICAE Prize