LILY LANE Liliom Ösvény

2016 – DCP – colore – 91’


Direction: Bence Fliegauf

Screenplay: Bence Fliegauf

Cinematography: Zoltán Lovasi

Editing: Balázs Budai

Set design: Bence Fliegauf

Music: Bence Fliegauf

Costumes: Anna Kovalik

Cast: Angéla Stefanovics, Bálint Sótonyi, Miklós Székely B., Mária Gindert, Maja Balogh, Bence Somkúti

Producers: Ernő Mesterházy, Bence Fliegauf, Mónika Mécs, András Pires Muhi

Production: Fraktál Film




When Rebeka and her young son, Danny, are together, they throw themselves into a world of stories and secrets. After the death of her mother, Rebeka decides to track down her estranged father. She takes Danny to places she knew as a child, inventing stories as a way of relating her dark recollections of childhood to him. While her memories start turning into demons, Rebeka and Danny carry on their dreamy journey regardless.





Bence Fliegauf was born in 1974 in Budapest, Hungary. After training as a set designer, he initially worked as an assistant director, later as a director and editor for various Hungarian television stations. After several short films, in 2002 he made his first feature-length documentary, Van élet a halál elött? (Is There Life Before Death?). His movies won many awards around the world, included the Special Prize for Direction in Lecce and Best Direction and Fipresci Award in Mar del Plata (Dealer), the Junior Jury Award in Locarno (Womb, starring Eva Green) and the Silver Bear at Berlinale (Csak a szél). Fliegauf lives and works in Budapest as a writer and director, as well as a production and sound designer.


“What happens if you don’t read your kid stories from a book, but think up a story yourself? The characters become increasingly familiar. It’s as if you’ve seen them before. It’s as if you’ve met them before. It’s as if you already know the story. A dizzying journey

begins within you – so it’s lucky you’ve got a kid to hold your hand. All your desires, all your fears and all your dreams are in this

story. Kids hear a story differently. They listen on a much deeper level. This story can’t be a lie and it can’t be hollow, because kids soon get bored of that kind of thing. You need to stay focused; you need to tell it well. And the best and only way is if you tell your own story. Rebeka puts her son Danny to bed. She doesn’t read a story from a book, but makes up her own. And hand in hand, they set off down Lily Lane.”


2000 Határvonal (Border Line, doc)

2001 Beszélõ fejek / (Talking Heads, short)

2001 Hypnos (short)

2001 Van élet a halál elõtt? (Is There Life Before Death?, doc)

2003 Rengeteg (Forest)

2003 A sor ( The Line, short)

2004 Dealer

2005 Pörgés (Trance, short)

2007 Tejút (Milky Way, ambient)

2008 Csillogás (Sparkle, doc)

2010 Womb

2012 Csak a szél (Just the Wind)

2016 Liliom ösvény (Lily Lane)


2016 Berlinale – Forum