MAGNIFICA PRESENZA A magnificent haunting

2012 – colore – 105’

Direction: Ferzan Özpetek

Screenplay: Federica Pontremoli, Ferzan Özpetek

Cinematography: Maurizio Calvesi

Editing: Walter Fasano

Set design: Andrea Crisanti

Music: Pasquale Catalano

Costumes: Alessandro Lai

Cast: Elio Germano, Paola Minaccioni, Beppe Fiorello, Margherita Buy, Vittoria Puccini, Cem Yilmaz, Claudia Potenza, Andrea Bosca, Ambrogio Maestri, Matteo Savino, Alessandro Roja, Gea Martire, Monica Nappo, Bianca Nappi, Giorgio Marchesi, Gianluca Gori, Platinette, Massimiliano Gallo, Anna Proclemer, Eleonora Bolla, Loredana Cannata, Alessandro Giuggioli

Producer: Domenico Procacci

Production: Fandango, Faros Film, Rai Cinema





Pietro is 28 years old and arrives in Rome from Sicily with only a big dream: becoming an actor! As he takes part in castings, he makes a living by cooking croissants in a bar every night. He is a shy and lonely boy and his only messy company is his cousin Maria, who works as an intern in a law firm and has a chaotic love life. They temporarily share an apartment and have a love-hate relationship, in a daily life together where sparks fly. But one day Pietro finally purchases a house of his own, a vintage building of great charm. Pietro is looking forward to starting his new life as a free man. But his happiness only lasts a few days: he soon begins to notice disturbing details in the rooms of the house. It is clear that someone else is living there with him. But who?



“(…) It is not difficult to relate the main character to Özptek, whose films always bring out the best in actors: and here, from the doppelganger Germano to the rest of the cast – Buy, Giuseppe Fiorello, Bosca, a wonderful Anna Proclemer – all perfectly play these non-characters on the brink between fiction and reality, past and present. Under the guise of a ghost comedy (…), A Magnificent Haunting is indeed a self-portrait of the author: a personal, mature film by a director who masters the elements of his poetic world and plays very comfortably with them.” (Alessandra Levantesi Kezich, La Stampa)


2012 Moscow IFF: Competition: Audience Award

2012 Silver Ribbons: Best Story, Costumes, Special Award to Anna Proclemer, Lancia Award to Giuseppe Fiorello

2012 Golden Globes, Italia: Best Director, Actor, Supporting Actress (Paola Minaccioni)