N IO E NAPOLEONE N Napoleon and me

2006 – 35mm – colore – 110’


Direction: Paolo Virzì

Screenplay: Furio Scarpelli, Paolo Virzì, Francesco Bruni, Giacomo Scarpelli from the novel N di by Ernesto Ferrero

Cinematography: Alessandro Pesci

Editing: Cecilia Zanuso

Set design: Francesco Frigeri

Music: Paolo Buonvino, Juan Bardem

Costumes: Maurizio Millenotti

Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Elio Germano, Monica Bellucci, Francesca Inaudi, Sabrina Impacciatore, Valerio Mastandrea, Massimo Ceccherini, Omero Antonutti, Margarita Lozano

Producers: Riccardo Tozzi, Giovanni Stabilini, Marco Chimenz

Production: Cattleya, Medusa Film, Babe Film, Alquimia Cinema



Elba Island, 1814. In exile on the Tuscan island, Napoleon receives an enthusiastic welcome from the local inhabitants and nobles, except the young teacher Martino Papucci, the last-born child of a family of merchants from Portoferraio. Idealist and libertarian budding poet, involved in an affair with Baroness Emilia, Martino secretly desires to murder that dictator who betrayed the revolution and sent so many young men, who believed in him, to die on the battlefields of all Europe. He is offered an opportunity when he is hired as a scribe and librarian at Napoleon’s residence. He enthusiastically accepts the job, sure that this will enable him to carry out his plan. But the task is more difficult than expected…



“(…) Napoleon and me really seems an apocryphal work by Luigi Magni. And of course, we mean that as a huge compliment. Magni invented an extremely personal way of making films, combining the classical Italian comedy with historical reconstruction, and never omitting a pugnacious analysis of current events. In this new film, Virzì achieves the same result. Napoleon and me is, in the following order: 1) a very funny film; 2) a fantastic but plausible historical hypothesis; 3) a political reflection on the seductiveness of power (…) Well-written, well-directed and endowed with a good set design, the film relies above all on an excellent acting. (…)” (Alberto Crespi, L’Unità)


2006 Festa Int. Di Roma – Première

2007 Mostra di Venezia: Guglielmo Biraghi Award to Elio Germano Best Actor of the Year

2007 Golden Globes, Italia: Elio Germano Best Breakthrough Actor