2008 – 35mm – colore – 95’


Direction: Brando De Sica

Screenplay: Enrico Vaime, Maurizio Costanzo

Photography: Gianni Mastropietro

Editing: Edoardo Brizio

Set design: Mario Catalano

Music: Manuel De Sica, Marco Tiso

Costumes: Laura Costantini

Cast: Christian De Sica, Paolo Conticini, Laura Di Mauro, Stefania Caracciolo, Fabio De Filippis, Alex La Rosa, Davide Marrone, Mara Mazzei, Chiara Monteforte, Zheren Pan, Laurence Patris, Giorgio Raucci, Simone Tuttobene, Gioia Vicari

Producer: Silvia Verdone

Production: Vittoria Cinematografica



At the Verdi Theater the curtain has fallen, the stage is dark and the auditorium is empty, but some applauses are still heard and the warmth of the audience can still be felt. Then suddenly the curtain rises, the lights come on, the audience and an actor, Christian De Sica, appear as if by magic. De Sica kicks off the show. He opens up, makes fun of show business and of himself, pays homage to his father and to the great authors of the past, but above all he sings, turning the stage into a space where theatrical curtain-raiser, music comedy and revue show are perfectly interwoven. Parlami di me is the big screen adaptation of a theatrical musical written by Enrico Vaime and Maurizio Costanzo and awarded with two Golden Tickets.



“(…) Brando films the show placing cameras on all sides of the theatre, and makes wide use of low-angle shots to emphasize the key passages and the moments with the greatest emotional impact. He draws from the cinematic language of the musicals of the Fifties (…). A good job that reveals a certain expertise and an evident emotional involvement. (…) particularly stimulating is the incipit (…) that seems to recall darker and more unsettling atmospheres, certainly not in line with the rest of the show, at least at first glance. It is perhaps the sign of a visual talent (…).” (Leonardo Lardieri,


2008 Festival di Roma – Competition