2005 – 35mm – colore – 110′


Direction: Krzysztof Zanussi

Screenplay: Krzysztof Zanussi

Cinematography: Edward Klosinski

Editing: Wanda Zeman

Set design: Jagna Janicka

Music: Wojciech Kilar

Costumes: Jagna Janicka

Cast: Nikita Mikhalkov, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Jerzy Stuhr, Daniel Olbrychski, Remo Girone, Victoria Zinny, Andrzej Chyra, Maria Bekker, Jacek Borcuch

Producers: Krzysztof Zanussi, Iwona Ziulkowska-Okapiec, Nikita Mikhalkov, Leonid Vereschagin, Rosanna Seregni

Production: Studio Filmowe Tor, Three T Productions, Sintra Srl, Istituto Luce, Telewizja Polska S.A., Canal +



Wiktor is head of the Polish embassy in Uruguay, but since the death of Helena, his love of a lifetime, he is no longer able to meet the requirements of his role. Involved in a diplomatic double-cross with Russians, among arm sales and international conferences, Wiktor does not believe in anything and feels lonely: he does not trust his friends anymore and even suspects that his beloved Helena had betrayed him. When he finally understands that his suspicion was unfounded, Wiktor recovers his honesty and those moral principles that he thinks his country has lost following the arrival of Solidarnosc. So, giving up his role as powerful ambassador, Wiktor goes back to being a simple man.



“The main inspiration is autobiographical: like Zanussi, author of the screenplay, the protagonist Wiktor was first an opponent of the regime and then a world spokesman of the new political course that followed 1989. Wiktor, exhausted by his encounters with death, feels betrayed and inadequate and tries to hold on to his principles. But demystification destroys even the solace of past ideals. If the world is collapsing, it is not only the fault of old and new “sharks”, as deception was already eroding the “good will” and was nestled in compromises. Wiktor understands that he is not better than anyone else and he also supports those same nasty acts.” (Alberto Zanetti, Cineforum no. 453, April 2006)


2005, Mostra di Venezia – Competition

2005 Polish FF: Jury Prize (K. Zanussi), Best Supporting Actor (N. Mikhalkov)

2005 Busan IFF

2006 Polish Film Award: Best Supporting Actor (J.Stuhr), Best Editing (W. Zeman), Best Score (W. Kilar), Best Sound (J. Kusmierczyk)