1998 – 35mm – colore – 92’


Direction: Christian De Sica

Screenplay: Carlo Vanzina, Enrico Vanzina, Christian De Sica

Photography: Ennio Guarnieri

Editing: Paolo Benassi

Set design: Maurizio Marchitelli

Music: Manuel De Sica

Costumes: Claudio Cordaro

Cast: Christian De Sica, Gianfranco Funari, Leo Gullotta, Alessandro Haber, Simona Izzo, Marco Messeri, Piero Natoli, Andrea Roncato, Monica Scattini, Angelo Bernabucci, Marco Bonetti, Paolo Conticini, Riccardo Garrone, Eva Grimaldi, Stefano Masciarelli, Cinzia Mascoli, Remo Remotti, Teresa Ronchi, Claudia Poggiani, Alberto Molinari, Beatriz Ricos, Shoko Nakahara

Producers: Camilla Nesbitt, Silvia Verdone

Production: Taodue Film in collaborazione con in collaboration with Medusa Film, Nova Film, Mediaset



A group of friends attend an exclusive tennis club, the Tiber. Here Alberto, controlled by the keeper Gigetto, is about to become president of the club. This loudmouthed and megalomaniac building speculator likes to show off his power to his friends, who humble themselves in front of him. They include: Carletto, a former variety show actor who is now unemployed and willing to accept any compromise to find a new job, Nicoletta and Walter, a rich and not so elegant couple (he runs a removal company, she nurtures intellectual dreams), Roberto, who married the daughter of a famous jeweller and works in the shop of his father-in-law, and Fausto, the oldest member of the club, who witnessed a time when Rome was different and more authentic.



“Many different and ugly human beings in a club in Rome. (…) The best moments are some references to great old classics of Italian comedy: Sordi’s The Boom (…) And the sequence where Haber dances to get alms, which is a direct reference to Tognazzi in I Knew her well. The fact that the Vanzina brothers are the authors of the screenplay is a guarantee for those who like their style. De Sica keeps improving in every new film he makes (…)” (