SUL GLOBO D’ARGENTO Na srebrnym globie  – On silver globe


1977/1988 – 35mm – color – 157′


Direction: Andrzej Zulawski

Screenplay: Andrzej Zulawski dall’omonimo romanzo di from the same novel by Jerzy Żuławski

Cinematography:Andrzej Jaroszewicz

Editing: Krzysztof Osiecki

Music: Andrew Korzyński

Set design:Tadeusz Kosarewicz, George Śnieżawski

Cast:Jerzy Trela, Andrzej Seweryn, Iwona Bielsko, Grazyna Dylag, George Grałek, Waldemar Kownacki, Krystyna Janda, Elizabeth Karkoszka, Maciej Goraj, Henryk Talar, Leszek Dlugosz, Jan Frycz, Henryk Bista, Erwin Nowiaszek

Production: Zespól Filmowy “Kadr”


A group of astronauts land on the dark side of a distant planet to found a new civilisation. But as the Elder of the community die, the new society progressively deteriorates. The settlers, whose number is rapidly growing, turn little by little into a tribe torn by internal fights. When the last survivor, a reporter who records images of daily life, is hailed as a messiah by the second generation, he is horrified by the crimes carried out in his name. Meanwhile, during an exploratory expedition to the other side of the sea, the warriors discover the existence of a powerful species of bird-shaped monsters…



On the Silver Globe is an adaptation of the novel The Lunar Trilogy, written by the great-uncle of the director, Jerzy Zulawski. The film was supposed to mark the director’s return home after his self-exile following the censorship troubles for his second film, The Devil, and after the international experience of The Most Important Thing: Love. The filming began in 1976 and went on for a year, but just three weeks before the end, the authorities intervened once again and stopped the production of the film, which remained unfinished until 1987, when Zulawski, by then a world-famous author, could return to Poland and finally finish its filming and editing. On The Silver Globe inaugurated the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988.


1988 Festival di Cannes – Un certain regard

1989 Fantasporto – Competition