2005 – 35mm – colore – 95’


Direction: Christian De Sica

Screenplay: Christian De Sica, Fausto Brizzi, Marco Martani

Photography: Gianlorenzo Battaglia

Editing: Raimondo Crociani

Set design: Francesco Vanorio

Music: Maurizio De Angelis, Guido De Angelis

Costumes: Chiara Ferrantini, Giuseppe Tramontano

Cast: Christian De Sica, Paolo Conticini, Sebastien Torkia, Linda Battista, Andrea Osvárt, Max Tortora, Hristo Dimitrov, Nadia Rinaldi, David Traylor

Producers: Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis

Production: Dap Italy, Rai Cinema, Victory Media Group



Franco and Nino, two mechanics and owners of two brand new Harley Davidson motorcycles, pursue the American dream. But in reality they are just two poor men who want to escape from the owner of their bar, to whom they have not paid the rent for two years. One day they decide to go to Las Vegas to take part in a contest for the best Harley.



“Half intellectual musical film, half popular comedy that, however, never becomes silly. (…) The Clan expresses the two different souls of De Sica, and it is his seventh film as director. His best together with Faccione and Simpatici & antipatici. Although as a comedy the film is endlessly more entertaining than the Christmas movies with Boldi (also thanks to the 197-cm-tall comedian Max Tortora), it really soars when De Sica sings and dances. Despite being the one who steals the show, he often leaves the stage to the fairly good Conticini and the excellent Torkia. Plenty of generosity and charm. This is De Sica as we like him.” (Francesco Alò, Il Messaggero)