2015 – 35mm – colore – 94’


Direction: Peter Bebjak

Screenplay: Peter Bebjak, Peter Gašparík

Cinematography: Martin Žiaran

Editing: Marek Kráľovský

Music: Juraj Dobrakov

Costumes: Alena Kobielska

Cast: Noël Czucor, Rebeka Poláková, Kamil Kollárik, Éva Bándor, Jana Oľhová, Eugen Libezňuk, Jaroslav Mottl, Daniel Ratimorský

Producer: Rasťo Šesták, Peter Bebjak

Production: DNA production in co-production with Studio 727, Surosound



Tomáš works as a funeral service worker, he removes dead body fluids and sanitizes the places of death. He cleans the household in absence of its residents, at work he collects his pay in cash, goes home – to wait for the next call.

Tomáš is not very sociable. The claims to the psychiatrist, where he is obviously obliged to attend, that he sometimes goes out for a beer with his colleagues, but in reality, his closest people are his neighbours, whose conversations he sometimes hears through the bathroom ventilation shaft.

Regular telephone calls with his mother also cannot be considered as a more significant socialization element.

The stereotype of HIS days is only disrupted in a moment, when he panics and hides in one of the households as the people who live there return, so that they don´t find out he hasn´t left yet, although he should have done so a long time ago. Unnoticed he watches the family life…




Born 1970 in Partizánske, Czechoslovakia, He is a Slovak actor, director, producer and writer. Graduated from The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (VŠMU), where he studied at the Departments of Acting and Film Directing.
Since 2011 he is producer and director of DNA Production company.
Since 2012 he is teacher at the Film and Television Department of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.



“Psychological drama The Cleaner wants to show that we do not hide skeletons in the closets (as the idiom says, we do not hide burdens, scandals or secrets from the past) but we hide live, active and growing organisms. By the activity of these organisms we can suddenly outgrow the acceptable forms of personalities and similarly to the main character we can go behind legal and moral limits.

The story is set in a contemporary realia of Bratislava and it provides versatility, impersonal  urban space and environment that each of us is familiar with.
All of us hide something in the closets and the Drama Čistič wants to show that we are not always able to hide it by the piles of clothes that have the fragrance of fabric conditioner that was bought on sale…”



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2015 Čistič (The Cleaner)


2015 Warsaw FF
2015 Central and Eastern European, Luxembourg
2015 Cottbus FF,

2015 Black Nights FF

2016 Chennai FF, India

2016 11. Thrisssur IFF, India
2016 17th Aubagne IFF, France
2016 Sofia IFF

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