1995 – 35mm – colore – 90’


Direction: Christian De Sica

Screenplay: Christian De Sica, Enrico Vanzina, Giovanni Veronesi

Photography: Gianlorenzo Battaglia

Editing: Raimondo Crociani

Set design: Tonino Zera

Music: Manuel De Sica

Costumes: Nicoletta Ercole

Cast: Monica Scattini, Paco Reconti, Alessandro Haber, Leo Gullotta, Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Paolo Conticini, Carlo Croccolo, Giordana Gey, Lucia Guzzardi, Paolo Gasparini, Fabrizio Accordino, Stefano Urbani, Sofia Nicole

Producers: Maurizio Amati, Aurelio De Laurentiis

Production: Filmauro



Vittorio, an architect, Sandro, a producer, Tony, a tailor, and Dado, an orthopaedist, are four homosexual friends: they spend their time together in gay bars, and have a trusted female friend, Simonetta, a costume designer. Vittorio is devastated when he finds out that his partner Alex has an affair with a girl: he wants to marry her and she is also carrying his child; Tony, from Sicily, has to live with his old, oppressive and semi-paralysed mother. Sandro, who took longer to become aware of his own diversity and is now separated from his wife, has to deal with the psychological and educational problems of his teen son: Sandro loves him but is not able to tell him the truth. Dado is the most cynical and nasty of the group, but he does not think twice to steal Tony’s soldier boyfriend and fears the threat of Aids more than anyone else.



“De Sica uses the language of comedy, with which he is more comfortable, to tell the story of four adult homosexual men, of their failures, their loneliness, but also their dignity and humanity. It was not easy to talk about homosexuality in a comedic fashion without falling into clichés, but De Sica and Enrico Vanzina managed to make a good film. (…) The four protagonists are amazing.” (Adriano Pintaldi, Christian De Sica – Segni particolari bravissimo)