ZUŁAWSKI O ZUŁAWSKIM Zulawski on Zulawskim

2000 – colore – 50′


Direction: Jakub Skoczen

Screenplay: Jakub Skoczen

Editing: Jakub Skoczen

Cast: Sophie Marceau, Andrzej Żuławski

Production: Canal+ Polska, Canal+, Studio Filmowe Everest


Jakub Skoczeń is making a biographical documentary on the famous Polish director. Andrzej Żuławski talks about his private life and his work, remembering the age of the Cold War and his difficult relationship with the Communist government, as well as his love affairs with actresses Sophie Marceau and Isabelle Adjani. 



“This is a film portrait of one of the most outstanding European directors. This biographical documentary shows the different layers of the personality of the artist and doesn’t hide the contradictions of his nature. The confessions of Żuławski are alternated with fragments of his films, showing the twists and turns of his personal life and art.” (www.studioeverest.pl)