Screening of the film “LA BANDA” BY KLAUS VOSWINCKEL

followed by the discussion  “La Banda come fenomeno sociale”  



preview of the new album “Guerra”



The pre-opening event of the 19th edition of the European Film Festival will take place on Saturday 7th April at 7 pm at the Cinelab Giuseppe Bertolucci of the Cineporto in Lecce, with the screening of the film “La banda” by Klaus Voswinckel (1987), which tells the story of Grazia Donateo, the first woman ever to become a band conductor.

The film is not only a tribute to Donateo, but it also focuses on the artistic debut of Maestro Cesare Dell’Anna, who started out in the Banda of Surbo conducted by Donateo herself. Grown up in a family of band musicians and following the footsteps of his father Vincenzo, Cesare Dell’Anna has become a leading figure in the Italian and European band scene.  

With his film, the German director also portrays Salento in the 1970s and 80s, pointing out how the  Banda can be a link between popular music culture and the so-called “cultivated music”. 

Immediately after the screening, Maestro Cesare Dell’Anna himself will chair the discussion “La Banda come fenomeno sociale” (The Banda as a social phenomenon), with the participation of the director of Apulia Film Commission Antonio Parente, filmmaker Klaus Voswinckel, Banda conductor Grazia Donateo, Maestro Pino Minafra (Artistic Director of the Talos Festival of Ruvo di Puglia) and Maestro Gioacchino Palma (Artistic Director of Bande a Sud Festival). The event will also be attended by, among the others, Giancarlo and Marcello Moscara (authors of the artwork of the new album by Cesare Dell’Anna and GIRODiBANDA, “Guerra”) and some Action Aid representatives with whom the Banda will take part in a series of fundraising projects.

The discussion will include the national preview screening of the music video of the song “TRUMP@, cavallo di ritorno palestinese”, from the new album “Guerra”, produced by 11-8 Records, which will come out next May.

At 10 pm, on the Cassarmonica (the stage for the band performance), set up for the occasion at the Manifatture Knos, Cesare Dell’Anna and GIRODiBANDA will present the first preview of their latest album “Guerra”.




With GIRODiBANDA, Cesare Dell’Anna has achieved his dream of bringing together, on the same Cassarmonica, the folk music heard in dance halls and coming from the loudspeakers of street vendors, the pizzica and the traditional songs of our grandfathers, the sounds of the Balkans resonating from the Albanian broadcasters on the radios of our parents, the music of Roma camps and gipsy parties, the sounds of African ethnic celebrations, the jazz and his conservatory studies, all of this also through jam sessions and rearrangements.

The Cassarmonica, which is the stage par excellence for the performance of Southern-Italian bands, becomes, this way, a kaleidoscope in which musicians from different regions of Southern Italy and from Albania, Romania and Senegal meet one another, performing symphonic marches  from classic band repertoire as well as new compositions.