This  year’s  edition  of  the  Festival del Cinema Europeo  will  be  particularly  exciting  for  me.  The  presence  of  such  a  great  British  director  as  Michael  Winterbottom,  who  has  boldly  explored  contemporary  human  and  social  issues  and more specific cultural situations, as well as the tributes to two great and beloved Italian actors like Jasmine Trinca

and Kim Rossi Stuart, will provide our audience with a precious opportunity to grow and exchange views. Cinema, when it is great, broadens our horizons and opens up unimaginable levels of understanding. It is a collective ritual that conveys deep and not only aesthetic values. For this reason, we, as Apulia Region, also through Apulia Film Commission, have always believed in festivals, in art cinema, and we support international events like the Festival del Cinema Europeo, focusing on research and quality. This

festival has always been committed to involving local schools, and has always undertaken a research work to bring to the audience also non-mainstream personalities, actors and directors. The presence of Ildikó Enyedi, director and screenwriter of the film On Body and Soul, winner at the Berlin Film Festival, is, in my opinion, a great opportunity offered by this special festival toits audience. A reason more for tourists and film enthusiasts from all over Italy and the world to choose Lecce.

Loredana Capone – Assessor for Tourism and Culture of Apulia Region



The Festival del Cinema Europeo has been taking place in Lecce for eighteen years now. Our town has been enriched by this strong, long-lasting and productive relationship with the Festival, due to the quality of its programmes, the presence, every year, of international guests, the large influx of visitors and enthusiasts. And we believe that the Festival too has benefited, in its growth path, from the opportunities our town has to offer in terms of services, attractions

and hospitality.After eighteen years, we, as city government, look at this event with “adult” eyes. TheFestival del Cinema Europeo offers a week of wonderful premieres, interesting retrospectives, and, through the Verdone Award, gives many young filmmakers the chance to debut in a prestigious showcase. We believe that, in the future, it can also play a role in drawing the attention of those who, in Lecce, still do not have a close relationship with cinema, granting them access to quality film screenings. It is a commitment we would like to take on together with the organisers of the festival and the other bodies and institutions that contribute to make this event so important. Our town has been recently defined a natural film set, due to that special light emanating from the sun and stone, the beautiful glimpses of the historic centre that we have been so lucky to inherit. During the year, many feature films are shot among the Baroque palaces and in the several prestigious mansions in Lecce. Our task is to contribute to the flourishing of a film culture, feeding it with frequent opportunities to access and experience films as works of art, as a moment of suspension from reality, amusement but also growth for a wide audience, without barriers. I am certain that the Festival del Cinema Europeo can help us along this path, renewing an 18-year-long commitment and refreshing the relationship with our town, which goes beyond its stunning locations, in order to nurture and strengthen this relationship in the years to come. I thank Alberto La Monica for his commitment, and for his passion, which leads him to patiently shape, edition after edition, so important an event, and as Mayor of the city, I wish to welcome the guests who will have the chance to experience Lecce during this week. Enjoy the show everybody.

Carlo Salvemini – Mayor of Lecce