Thursday 12 April was the day of Kim Rossi Stuart. A multi-faceted actor and director, he started out in film aged just 5, and at the age of 14 he left school to pursue his future career by starting to study theatre. Kim Rossi Stuart soared to popularity with the short TV series The Cave of the Golden Rose (Fantaghirò) by Lamberto Bava. After minor roles in important films such as The Name of the Rose  by Jean-Jacques Annaud and the acting performance with Franco Brusati in Lo zio indegno, it was with Without Skin by Alessandro D’Alatri and Heartless by Umberto Marino that he established himself among the new talents of Italian cinema. D’Alatri chose him to play Jesus in The Garden of Eden, for which he received the Pasinetti Award at the Venice Film Festival. But the true and unanimous recognition of his talent came in 2004 with The Keys to the House by Gianni Amelio, which earned him again the Pasinetti Award at Venice, a Nastro d’argento (Silver Ribbon) Award, an Italian Golden Globe and another Best Actor award at the Valencia Film Festival, and later with Romanzo criminale by Michele Placido, which won him another Silver Ribbon. Kim Rossi Stuart has always shown a preference for arthouse films and socially engaged cinema. His career is dotted with hugely successful films and collaborations with great directors: Roberto Benigni chose him to play Lucignolo in his Pinocchio; he starred in Beyond the Clouds directed by Michelangelo Antonioni and Wim Wenders, and in Un’altra vita by Carlo Mazzacurati. Michele Placido called him again to play the part of Renato Vallanzasca in Angel of Evil (Vallanzasca), for which he scooped another Silver Ribbon, the Golden Ciak and the Ennio Flaiano Award. In the same year (2010), Kim Rossi Stuart starred in A Matter of Heart by Francesca Archibugi, and Piano, solo by Riccardo Milani, for which he was awarded Best Actor at the Bastia Italian Film Festival. Daniele Luchetti chose him to play his father in Those Happy Years, a partially autobiographical film.

In 2005 he made his directorial debut with Libero, screened at the Cannes Film Festival and earning him the Best New Director Award at the David di Donatello Awards and many other accolades at national and international festivals; in 2016 he presented Tommaso, his second film as a director, in the non-competing section of the 73rd edition of the Venice Film Festival. Theatre has also constantly been present among his projects.

The Festival del Cinema Europeo presents a selection of ten films that have most marked his career,

including his two films as a director: Libero, (2006) and Tommaso (2016), along with Karate Warrior by Fabrizio De Angelis, Heartless by Umberto Marino (1994), Without Skin by Alessandro D’Alatri (1994), The Keys to the House by Gianni Amelio (2004), Romanzo criminale by Michele Placido (2005), Piano, solo by Riccardo Milani (2007), A Matter of Heart by Francesca Archibugi (2009), Angel of Evil (Vallanzasca) by Michele Placido (2011).


A Matter of Heart

Francesca Archibugi 2009 – 35mm – colore - 104’

Alberto, a successful noisy screenwriter and lover of the good life, and Angelo, a young happily married coachbuilder, have a heart...

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Angel of Evil

Michele Placido 2010 – 35mm – colore - 125’

The life and deeds of Renato Vallanzasca, a Milanese bandit nicknamed ‘il bel René’: the film begins in 1981, when we...

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Umberto Marino 1995 – 35mm – colore – 92’

Claudio Scalise, a young man on the run after a robbery gone wrong, pretends to be a technician from SIP telephone...

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Karate Warrior

Fabrizio De Angelis 1987 – 35mm – colore - 90’

Anthony Scott leaves Boston to visit his journalist father, whom he hasn’t seen for years, in the Philippines. Once there, he...

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2005 – 35mm – colore - 108’

Tommi is eleven and lives with his father Renato and his sister Viola. Renato seems to view life, society and human...

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Piano, solo

Riccardo Milani 2007 – 35mm – colore - 104’

A biopic of Luca Flores, a brilliant Italian jazz musician. In Florence, Luca graduates with honors from the conservatory, but he...

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Romanzo criminale

Michele Placido 2005 – 35mm – colore – 174’

Rome, in the 1970s. Three childhood friends nicknamed Libanese, Freddo and Dandi begin a rise to criminal power forming an alliance...

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The Keys to the House

Gianni Amelio 2004 – 35mm – colore - 105’

Gianni left his son Paolo with his uncle and aunt soon after his birth: the child was handicapped and his mother...

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2016 – DCP – colore - 97’

After a long time together, Tommaso gets his girlfriend Chiara to break up with him. Now he thinks there are limitless...

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Without Skin

Alessandro D'Alatri 1994 – 35mm – colore - 91’

Riccardo and Gina live happily together and have a four-year-old son. But suddenly a young man named Saverio comes into their...

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