St. Michael Had a Rooster  SAN MICHELE AVEVA UN GALLO

1972 – 35mm – colore – 90′


Direction: Paolo e Vittorio Taviani

Screenplay: Paolo e Vittorio Taviani da un racconto di from a short story by Lev Tolstoj

Cinematography: Mario Masini

Editing: Roberto Perpignani

Set design: Gianni Sbarra

Music: Benedetto Ghiglia

Costumes: Lina Nerli Taviani

Cast: Giulio Brogi, Sergio Serafini, Renato Scarpa, Lorenzo Piani, Samy Pavel, Daniele Dublino, Marcello Di Martire

Producer: Giuliani G. De Negri

Production: Ager Film, Rai


The entire restoration was done in collaboration by Cineteca Nazionale and Istituto Luce-Cinecittà, starting from the original negatives kept at the Cinecittà studios.



1870. Giulio Maineri, an internationalist anarchist of bourgeois origin, leads a group of comrades on a delusional attempt of revolution in the Umbrian village of Città della Pieve. The uprising fails and Giulio is initially sentenced to death. His sentence, however, is changed to life imprisonment, and Giulio spends his days in jail fantasizing about political debates and the triumph of his ideals. Ten years later, while he is being transferred to another prison, he meets other young subversives and, discussing with them, realizes that his utopian worldview is not shared by the new generations, who are less idealist and more pragmatic.



The sons of an anti-fascist lawyer, they began at a very young age to organize shows and film screenings in Pisa and Livorno. In 1954, after dropping out of university, they started to direct socially committed documentaries. They made their fictional documentary debut in 1967 with The Subversives. Authors of a cinema that portrays the history and contradictions of Italy, always with a deep humanity, they made masterpieces such as Allosanfan, My Father My Master, The Night of the Shooting Stars, Caesar Must Die, awarded at the most important international festivals. Their last film together was 2017’s Rainbow: A Private Affair, made one year before Vittorio’s death.



1972 Berlinale – Forum of New Cinema:  Interfilm Award

1976 Silver Ribbons:  Nomination for Best Actor