2018 – HD – colore – 83’


Direction: Sabrina Paravicini, Nino Monteleone

Cinematography: Lorenzo Messia

Editing: Lorenzo Messia

Music: Piero Salvatori

Cast: Nino Monteleone, Sabrina Paravicini, Roberto Saviano, Fortunato Cerlino, Samantha Cristoforetti

Producer: Sabrina Paravicini

Production: Ravic Film



“Being different is like being an elephant with a short trunk: a rarity.” So says Nino, a 12-year-old little boy who was diagnosed witha severe, though not serious, form of autism at two-and-a-half years old. After he stopped speaking and looking into his mother’seyes, his growing inner isolation began to threaten, day after day, his interaction with others, with the world. Today, Nino is theprotagonist, the centre, the pivot of a film addressed not only to those who share his same particularity, but to all those who aredifferent in some way. Different because they are marginalized, different because they are part of a minority, different because oftheir sexual orientation, different because they have a different ethnicity, religion or culture from the ones of the country in whichthey live.



“A self-produced, almost familiar film that narrates a diverse person’s journey, as a little director, through diversity, understood not in terms of difference but of enrichment and variety. Nino therefore becomes a modern-day Virgil who leads us into the world of human variety: so many stories making up a great narrative with a happy ending: a story of overcome limits, hope, experimentations,kindness and happiness anyone can achieve. Because, after all, we are all different from one another. And that’s exactly why life is so pleasant and pleasantly surprising.”



2018 Taormina Film Festival: Special Mention

2018 Orvieto Human Rights IFF: Special Mention

2019  Silver Ribbons: Special Mention