BLIND SPOT  Blindsone

2018 – DCP 2k – colore – 98 ‘


Direction: Tuva Novotny

Screenplay: Tuva Novotny

Cinematography: Jonas Alarik

Set design: Nina Bjerch-Andresen

Costumes: Nina Bjerch-Andresen

Cast: Pia Tjelta, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Nora Mathea Øien, Teodor Barsnes-Simonsen, Per Frisch, Marianne Krogh, Oddgeir Thune, Carl Munck, Ellen Heyerdahl, Hilde Linseth Stømer

Producers: Elisabeth Kvithyll

Production: Nordisk Film Production AS

Sales: TrustNordisk ApS



Told in real time and shot in one long take, Blind Spot follows Thea, a little girl, as she leaves school and returns home, where her mother is looking after Thea’s baby brother and making dinner, waiting for her husband to come back. We then see Thea apparently busy doing her homework in her room…



The established actress Tuva Novotny (Borg/McEnroe,Annihilation) was episodic director on the Norwegian TV-shows Dag (4 episodes), and Lilyhammer (1 episode) and makes a leap into feature filmmaking with Blind Spot, based on her own original script.



“I wrote the script when I experienced a silence culture around the subject regards mental illness among young people. Reading about several cases of very young suicidal cases in Norway, I experienced a lack of openness and discussion about mental disorders – both in home environments and in the public debate. I also discovered that the conducted conversations often were characterized by guilt and cause, rather than acceptance and openness.”



2014 Lilyhammer (TV-series, 1 episode)

2010-2015 Dag (TV series, 4 episodes)

2018 Blindspot 

2018 Britt-Marie Was Here



2018 The Norwegian IFF Haugesund

2018 Toronto IFF – Discovery

2018 San Sebastian IFF – San Sebastian IFF – Official Selection :Best Actress to Pia Tjelta

2018 CPH:PIX – Competition: New Talent Grand Prix

2018 Nordic Film Days Lübeck – Feature Films

2018 Salonicco IFF – Open Horizons

2018 Tallinn Black Nights FF – Forum

2018 IFF ​​Bratislava – Concorso di finzione: miglior film di finzione